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Desiro City Commuter Rail Platform is getting built by Siemens Mobility to Digitize Rail Fleets Worldwide on AWS.

Desiro City Commuter Rail Platform is getting built by Siemens Mobility to Digitize Rail Fleets Worldwide on AWS.
photo: Siemens mobility press materials/Siemens Mobility
21 / 12 / 2021

Rail fleets symbolize significant capital investments. The rolling stock usually ages over a thirty-year life cycle, therefore, there are occasional risks of fleets getting less effective and thus causing an increase in costs. Siemens Mobility is working on developing digital solutions that could possibly move the rolling stock fleets past their standard limit levels, thanks to which they would improve sustainability and a future of decarbonized transport solutions. Siemens Mobility offers a wide range of solutions for digitally connected trains and has been developing on AWS to fulfill the requirements for smart trains to take their services to a future. These projects got launched in 2016.

Siemens Mobility is a transport solution provider since 1847. in 2013, the company contracted to supply the British Rail Class 700 Desiro City solution for the Thameslink network. Thameslink offers subway-styled passenger connections that connect Brighton, Bedford, and Cambridge through digitally-enabled Desiro City trains.

In total, 170 Desiro City trains get operated in the Southern UK across many network conditions that include automated train operations. The Desiro City fleet has new standards for passenger rail across and beyond the London subway system. The UK has, in total the largest number installed bases of Siemens Mobility commuter rolling stock. Based on the collaborations with customers, partners, and its innovation environment, the firm focuses on setting new standards with its most advanced fleets. The digitalization of trains will enable older trains to extend their longevity.

“Embedding digital services into our fleets is a key pillar of our business strategy, dovetailing with the Siemens Mobility Alliance for 100% Availability, our mission toward decarbonization, and our commitment to investing in the future of the railway industry in the United Kingdom,” says Simon Rennie, head of the digital sector at Siemens Mobility.

“Per week, for a typical fleet, the scope of relevant data for a maintenance technician is estimated to be approximately nine million data points,” says Martin Klimmek, head of digital development and operations at Siemens Mobility. “Our mission is to make this scope of relevant data observable, meaningful, and actionable, working backward from the questions our customers are focused on. By building Railigent on AWS, we have the balance of flexibility and structure we need to work with customers on an agile basis.”


Source: Siemen mobility press materials