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DB puts together a broad package of measures for people from Ukraine

DB puts together a broad package of measures for people from Ukraine
photo: DB press materials/DB
02 / 03 / 2022

Deutsche Bahn (DB) made it easier for Ukrainian refugees to come to Germany, now they are adding more to the package. Among other things, it includes for ex. an aid fund for the refugees and the provision of housing.

Those who work in DB and have a family in Ukraine are given the short-term possibility to take care of their relatives. Temporary leave or reduced working hours included.

"We are deeply affected by the war in the middle of Europe and want to help with our possibilities to alleviate the suffering of the people. Here, too, Deutsche Bahn is showing its attitude,” explains DB HR Director Martin Seiler.

The largest corporate social partner of DB, the BSW & EWH family of foundations is helping with the situation in Germany for those who have fled Ukraine. There is a special budget of €300,000 for this type of help. It can be supported by donations.

The foundation is in the refugee care and integration at DB since 2015 and that will make them able to use their expertise gained during these years for this new crisis that is ongoing in Ukraine. There is more than a dozen contact points in Germany to ensure accessibility for those in need. Also, quotas for hotels, holiday resorts of the foundation for the coming months for temporary accommodation. The foundation will also act as an intermediary between Ukrainian refugees and anyone who would like to provide accommodation.