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DB, PKP, LTG CARGO, Slovenian railways : Update on Ukraine and actions of the railway industry

DB, PKP, LTG CARGO, Slovenian railways : Update on Ukraine and actions of the railway industry
photo: Archives/Ukraine
07 / 03 / 2022

Railway companies keep helping Ukraine. We’re covering some new information about what has happened over the last few days. What are the next steps from DB, PKP, LTG Cargo, and Slovenian Railways?

Deutsche Bahn

DB Cargo and DB Schenker provide aid supplies to Ukraine. Trucks and freight trains are transporting donations to the area struck by war. Trucks are the gathering force in Germany, while the freight trains carry all collected goods to Ukraine.

Jochen Thewes, CEO of DB Schenker: "Now is the time not to talk much, but to act. At DB Schenker, we see ourselves as a global family. If someone in this family needs help, we are there for them. Our strong European logistics network is helping us to provide Ukraine with relief supplies quickly and easily. On rail and road and in our warehouses, we are sending a signal: that logistics, peace, and freedom know no borders.”

DB offers more support also to those who want to get away from the war. Cottbus started to accept the refugee trains from DB Regio. The first 200 refugees arrived on March 5th around noon and were transported from Przemyśl, the Polish border town, to Ukraine. The train also made stops at several stations for those who have relatives or contacts in Poland.

Lithuanian Railways

The branch LTG Cargo Ukraine is temporarily suspending operations in the country due to the invasion of the Russian army.

"We unequivocally condemn Russia's military action against Ukraine. Operations are becoming impossible, and all agreements have been suspended since March 1st. We will strive to resume operations as soon as it is safe for our employees," says Saulius Stasiūnas, CEO of LTG Cargo Ukraine.

The Lithuanian Railways itself is like many other railways helping people to flee the war. LTG is already laying the ground to meet and accommodate Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war in the company's former rest homes in Klaipėda, Radviliškis, Kybartai, Lentvaris, and Šilėnai. The Ukrainian people are also expected to be accommodated in Ignalina, where the final supply of hot water and heating is currently underway.

"The LTG team is focused and feels the unique meaning of this work - to help the people of Ukraine. We appreciate that our partner Corpus A has joined us and started to clean all the LTG premises where people fleeing the war will live,” says Daiva Pivoriūnienė, the head of the LTG Asset Management Services Center.


The Przemyśl Główny railway station plays a special role. PKP has made spaces and rooms where a reception point for Ukrainian citizens has been organized available.

Over 100,000 Ukrainian citizens have benefited from free travel with PKP Intercity so far. From February 24th to March 4th this year a total of nearly 200 trains were cleared. At the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure, PKP launched an additional daily humanitarian train on the Przemyśl - Mościska route. There is also a phone number available for Ukrainian citizens to get information in their native language.

Slovenian Railways

Slovenian Railways is yet another company that since March 4th has allowed Ukrainian citizens free travel on their trains, provided they present an ID card or a passport.