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DAC-FIT Consortium Formed to Spearhead Europe-Wide Rail Freight Modernization

DAC-FIT Consortium Formed to Spearhead Europe-Wide Rail Freight Modernization
photo: UIC / Public domain/Digital Automatic Coupling
15 / 04 / 2024

The rail freight sector in Europe is gearing up for a significant technological upgrade with the introduction of the Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC), set to revolutionize operations by 2028. Spearheaded by DB Cargo, the DACFIT consortium, which includes seven European partners, is focused on facilitating the smooth transition of approximately 500,000 freight wagons to this advanced system.

This move is supported by financial backing from Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking (EU Rail), highlighting the importance of modernizing freight operations across the continent. Andreas Lipka, who leads the migration efforts at DB Cargo, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with multiple expert partners that will drive the DAC implementation. The consortium's primary goal is to analyze the freight transport fleet meticulously and workshops to tackle the logistical and temporal challenges posed by this ambitious continental-scale retrofitting project.

In preparation for the DAC deployment, the consortium benefits from the technical expertise of institutions and companies like k + v (Germany), Instytut Kolejnictwa (Poland), VUKV (Czech Republic), and BME ITS (Hungary), which are instrumental in analyzing the technical requirements of freight wagons, locomotives, and specialized vehicles.

Furthermore, VPI European Rail Service GmbH (VERS) is important in assessing the European workshop landscape, bringing a network of 280 freight wagon workshops and mobile service teams into the project. This comprehensive approach ensures the necessary infrastructure is in place for the the retrofitting process. The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) offers IT support and logistics expertise to optimize the retrofitting of vehicles efficiently across Europe.