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Czech company Správa železnic: Half a million euro for a feasibility study of a high-speed rail to Poland.

Czech company Správa železnic: Half a million euro for a feasibility study of a high-speed rail to Poland.
photo: Správa železnic/Draft of the high-speed rail tack between Prague, Hradec Králové, and and Wroclaw.
30 / 04 / 2021

Czech company Správa železnic wants to build a high-speed-rail between Czech Republic and Poland. The draft’s route is Prague - Hradec Králové (Ger: Königgrätz) - Wroclaw. Správa železnic will pay 500 thousand euro (12.6 million CZK) to companies SUDOP PRAHA and MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc.

The main goal of the feasibility study is to design the route of the future railway. The track should be between Prague, Hradec Králové (Ger: Königgrätz), and Wroclaw. It should also include a de-route to Pardubice. Czech companies SUDOP PRAHA and MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc won the tender and will assess the possible usage of the track and current rails on the route. They should design the track concerning the territorial limits and connection to the nodes in the said cities. They should also define the connections to the proposed national high-speed rail (HSR) and other main lines. Finally, the companies shall assess the risks in the design and construction.

The beginning of the new part should follow up from the current Czech HSR in Hořany. The companies should design the route on the Czech side, and the Polish side of HSR should design CPK (Centralny Port Komunikacyjny). All sides will closely cooperate in the question of the economics of the project. The Czech companies should finish the feasibility study in 18 months from the signing of the contract.

Správa železnic is the owner and provider of national and regional railway infrastructure owned by the state. Správa železnic is a member of UIC (International Union of Railways), CER (Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies) and other significant railway associations.

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. is a project, consulting, and engineering company. They specialise in comprehensive solutions to transportation infrastructure issues, especially railway constructions, road and motorway constructions, and metropolitan mass transportation systems.

MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc a.s. is one of the biggest design organisations dealing with a comprehensive solution of railway construction including infrastructure. They were established in 1996 and underwent three expansions which ensured their dominance in Moravia. 

CPK wants to open a tender for the construction works at the end of 2023, building approximately 1800 km of HSR lines. After the competition of the track, Správa železnic expects it will take 90 to get from Prague to Wroclaw.