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Christmas railway movies, what to watch? Train master!

Christmas railway movies, what to watch? Train master!
photo: master movie
28 / 12 / 2021

The themes of the railway are an integral part of the winter Christmas atmosphere. Trains are often associated with Christmas traditions. Every year we can see the scenery of trains crashing through the snow. Many of the Christmas movies incorporate railroads into their scenes, with train models being historically one of the most popular Christmas gifts.

One of the most famous films is the movie Train master. The film tells the story of 62-year-old Jeremiah, who has been a loyal West Willametter Railroad worker all his life. As one of the few, he is really excited about his work and would do anything for the railroad. The problems come in the form of a new heir to the New York East Railroad, who decides to buy the Willamette Railroad. Jeremiah is wrongfully fired and his life's work is lost. His grandson, young Thomas, who learned to drive a locomotive at an early age, is trying to help his grandfather. When the old, decommissioned train is put into operation, everything starts changing and an unexpected chain of events starts.