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Bulgarian Battery locomotives produced by Express Service are delivered to over 20 countries on 4 continents.

Bulgarian Battery locomotives produced by Express Service are delivered to over 20 countries on 4 continents.
photo: Express Service/Express Service
14 / 07 / 2021

At the beginning of the month, a train of Bulmarket delivered a battery locomotive ES3000 in Burgas. This is the 4th locomotive produced by Express Service that was manufactured and delivered to Port Rail Ltd. in the last year.

Express Service has been producing battery locomotives since 2005. Battery-powered electric locomotives are widespread in Europe and are needed for many shunting operations - where harmful emissions and diesel locomotives are unacceptable.

Unlike diesel locomotives, battery locomotives are slower and can be used on mostly flat and short shunting platforms. This is due to their relatively low power. On the other hand, they have many advantages - lower cost, much lower operating costs, minimal maintenance, easier management, quiet and clean operation.

The battery locomotives are the better solution for slow or repetitive shunting tasks with long downtime. Such are the industrial tasks of loading/unloading wagons, weighing trains, working on a ramp. Battery technology is mandatory for maneuvers in landfills, factories with tracks in the workshops, and in general indoors.

Battery locomotives are powered by at least 2 asynchronous motors and are powered by high-capacity batteries. Chargers are built-in, and a radio remote control and comfortable cab are standard on all models.

We will remind you that last year a battery shunting locomotive of the heaviest series ES3000 was tested in the metallurgical giant Aurubis.

By the invitation of the shunting operator Port Rail, the ES3000 was delivered to the largest plant in Bulgaria, where factory tests were conducted in a real environment. The aim was to check the quality and reliability of the locomotive in the conditions of heavy continuous production.

The ES3000 did well, successfully replacing an old diesel locomotive within a week. An electric meter was installed in the charging panel of the ES3000, which reported multiple energy savings compared to the LDH1250 diesel locomotive.

Express Service cordless locomotives are extremely suitable for industrial railway branches, in low-speed maneuvers and frequent starts and stops. Thanks to the energy recovery in the traction batteries during braking, ES battery locomotives are extremely energy efficient. We hope that this test will be the first step towards the entry of our battery locomotives into metallurgy.

Battery locomotives of Express Service are delivered to over 20 different countries on 4 continents. They are extremely successful in industrial plants, ports, railway depots, and factories.