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Budimex Completes State-of-the-Art Lublin Station with Sustainable Features

Budimex Completes State-of-the-Art Lublin Station with Sustainable Features
photo: BUDIMEX / Public domain/Budimex's communication hub in Lublin
26 / 01 / 2024

Polish Budimex has built a modern communication hub in Lublin. The new station is three storeys high.

The new station boasts a usable area of over 18,000 m2, becoming the largest communication center both in Lublin itself and in the region and integrating public transport with out-of-town bus and minibus services as well as with rail transport. The Park&Ride garage, accommodating 174 vehicles, is equipped with chargers for electric vehicles. The roof of this facility draws public attention, featuring a space for waiting passengers.

"This is a unique investment for the city and the region, which was recognized as one of the most beautiful railway stations in Poland even before construction was completed," says Artur Popko, CEO of Budimex. "A facility with these features and functions should not only contribute to the development of tourism in the entire voivodeship but also significantly facilitate the daily communication of residents."

The building has photovoltaic panels located in the glass roofs. To ensure the operation of heat pumps, 42 boreholes were drilled by the general contractor, reaching a total length of six kilometers, helping the building achieve full energy self-sufficiency. Additionally, the station building has modern rainwater recovery systems in place, utilizing collected water to irrigate greenery and for sanitation purposes.

The building was constructed with an emphasis on providing a comfortable and safe environment for people with disabilities and limited mobility. According to Budimex, guidance elements and lifts were placed wherever needed to ensure easy access. The same signage system is used inside the building for easy orientation. Moreover, special adaptations such as lowered checkout counters were implemented to improve access for people with reduced mobility. Last but not least, ample parking spaces and cycle lanes were provided for cyclists to ensure their convenient use of the facilities.

BUDIMEX / Public domain

The station area has many features associated with the city in which it is located. Inside the hall, a large concrete map of Lublin has been constructed, covering about 200 square meters. A second map was placed outside and incorporated into the floor. Adjacent to the main station building are separate bus platforms, covered with a glass roof supported by columns and decorated with motifs inspired by folk cut-outs.