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Budimex and Victor Energy Seal EUR 54 million Deal for Railway Electrification

Budimex and Victor Energy Seal EUR 54 million Deal for Railway Electrification
photo: BUDIMEX / Public domain/Budimex, railway
25 / 04 / 2024

Budimex SA, in partnership with Victor Energy, has secured a significant EUR 54 million (PLN 233 million) contract to design and construct traction substations for the Ełk - Korsze railway section.

The consortium, led by Budimex, will supervise the creation of five traction substations, complete with advanced control and monitoring systems, as part of the railway line No. 38 enhancements. This project also includes the installation of over 35 km of 110 kV AC lines that will power these substations.

Source: Budimex / Public domain

Slated for completion within 32 months, this initiative is a strategic component of Budimex’s broader efforts to expand its footprint in railway and transmission power engineering, as mentioned by Piotr Deredas, Director of the Railway Construction Division of Budimex SA. "Our company not only invests in modern equipment, such as double-cable vehicles for the construction and modernization of the catenary network, network trains, and machines for the construction of transmission lines but also owns and actively recruits specialists in this area. Many years of neglect in the area of modernization and construction of transmission lines, substations, and railways have resulted in a huge demand for this type of work today," said Deredas.

This strategy is reflected in its recent successful bid for the modernization of the Piła Krzewina substation and the adaptation of a 400 kV line for Polskie Sieci Energetyczne. Moreover, Budimex is venturing into sustainable energy, with its subsidiary BXF Energia aiming to develop 500 MW of wind and photovoltaic projects within five years. Concurrently, Budimex Mobility is set to deploy a network of 470 electric car charging stations across Poland by 2026, marking a significant step towards enhancing the country's EV infrastructure.