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BREAKING: Tragic Cable Car Accident in Turkey Leaves One Dead and Dozens Stranded

BREAKING: Tragic Cable Car Accident in Turkey Leaves One Dead and Dozens Stranded
photo: AP / Public domain/Tragic incident in Turkey
15 / 04 / 2024

In a tragic incident in southern Turkey, a cable car accident at a popular resort town near Antalya resulted in one fatality and at least 20 injuries, with 174 people left suspended in the air, some for nearly 24 hours.

The accident took place on Friday, April 12th, when a gondola pod struck a support pole, causing the pod to rupture and drop eight passengers onto the rocky terrain below. One 54-year-old man died as a result. The event unfolded on the last day of a three-day public holiday for Ramadan, drawing many visitors to the area for scenic rides from Konyaalti beach to the Tunektepe hills, a location renowned for its breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

Source: AP / Public domain

Rescue operations extended overnight till Saturday, with harrowing scenes of stranded passengers and extensive emergency efforts. Despite the challenges, people were eventually rescued, with the final 43 being brought to safety the following day.

According to BBC, the efforts involved 607 search and rescue personnel and 10 helicopters, including units with night-vision capabilities. Istanbul resident Hatice Polat, among those rescued, recounted the ordeal as a night of terror, particularly distressing for the children involved. The incident has since prompted a thorough investigation by the prosecutor's office in Antalya to determine the cause and assess the safety measures of the cable car service.