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Bosnia and Herzegovina: High speed railway

Bosnia and Herzegovina: High speed railway
photo: Archives/High speed railway
01 / 05 / 2021

Concept development:As part of the Vc Corridor, it is planned to modernise the existing line from the Croatian border to the Adriatic coast. The line will run from Bosanski Šamac to Čapljina via Sarajevo. It is planned to increase the line speed to a maximum of 200 km/h. The estimated modernisation cost of the line is EUR 9 875 billion.

The status of preparatory work

The following studies are ongoing:

-       Feasibility Study for the section Doboj – Sarajevo;

-       Prefeasibility Study for the sub-sections: Doboj-Maglaj; Maglaj-Jelina; Jelina-Zenica; Zenica-Podlugovi; Podlugovi-Sarajevo; bypass Visoko-Konjic (to the south);

-       Feasibility Study (sections under preparation). General Overhaul completed in 2013 except section Bradina – Raštelica including tunnel Ivan.


Parameters and location of the lines

The main features of high-speed lines planned in Bosnia and Herzegovina are shown in table and location is shown in Figure – see below.