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Bombardier will upgrade the Traxx MS2 locomotives to ETCS 3 system

Bombardier will upgrade the Traxx MS2 locomotives to ETCS 3 system
28 / 12 / 2020

Railpool and Bombardier have signed an agreement to upgrade Traxx MS2 locomotives. These locomotives should be systematically upgraded to use the European ETCS 3 system.

The new European standard ETCS 3, the Europian train control system, brings many benefits. In particular, improvements in railway safety. The braking curve model is also improved. It also offers better information directly to rolling stock drivers.

“The upgrade of these locomotives from ETCS Baseline 2 to ETCS Baseline 3 makes our Traxx MS2 locomotives more future-proof. The harmonization coming with ETCS Baseline 3 reduces complexity and increases interoperability. Parts of the track infrastructure will not be needed any longer. We expect benefits for our customers like higher operational performance, lower infrastructure costs and higher availability after this change.” Torsten Lehnert, Railpool CEO, said.

A total of 73 locomotives will be modernized. The whole process will take place gradually. The first locomotives should be upgraded in the Netherlands with a total of 39 locomotives.

“The new order is an expansion of our successful partnership with Railpool, with whom we have continuously developed our platform for over a decade and to whom we delivered their 200th Traxx locomotive only a few weeks ago. Now we are deepening this partnership also in relation to the existing fleet in order to secure the asset value and the competitiveness of the vehicles over the lifetime.” Peter Ammann, Head of Global Business Development Locomotives, Bombardier Transportation, explained.

The modernization of the railway system is one of the most important steps in the overall modernization of the railway. It is currently going on across all European countries.