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Bombardier will modernize its Belgian plant in Bruges

Bombardier will modernize its Belgian plant in Bruges
08 / 02 / 2021

Bombardier Transportation is planning a major modernization of its site in Belgium. The amount of total investment is expected by more than 6 million euros. As a part of the funding, there are also planned direct investments in our suppliers, to support the production increase and the hiring of new employees.

The investments in the Bruges site allows Bombardier transportation to increase its capacity by the summer of 2021. The company is building a new line for single-decker cars, and M7 cars on the site in Bruges. New workstations are also being created, among others, it is a painting presentation station and a specific workstation for takeovers of the cars by customers.

The modernization should also concern workshops for the maintenance of traction rolling stock, especially TRAXX locomotives. Bruges is the European center for this type of locomotive.

“This plan is for us, as much an industrial necessity as a belief about the future. Despite the context of the coronavirus crisis, Bombardier is committed to moving forward with an ambitious plan for the transformation and sustainability of the Bruges site. This demonstrates the vitality of our industrial site and an unprecedented opportunity to modernize our production facilities, thanks to digital processes, cyber-tools and eco-friendly solutions,” said Laurent Bouyer, the President of Bombardier Transportation, France and Benelux.

Following these investments, Bombardier suppliers will also be supported. Thanks to the increase in production capacity, an increase in deliveries can also be expected. The annual volume that Bombardier suppliers will receive is around 70 million euros.

“Our order book is full. At the end of December, we received a new order for 204 M7 coaches for SNCB, which represents around 18 months of work for our factory in Bruges. Therefore, it is important for us to invest massively in our production capacities and to develop our activities, for the benefit of the entire rail industry and the region,” said Michel Huyghe, recently appointed Site Director and Head of Operations for the Bruges.

This investment plan supports not only an increase in the capacity of the plant, but the company is also planning to hire at least 180 additional employees. About 100 of them will be hired for an indefinite period, 80 with a contract for two years with the possibility of extension. The Bombardier site in Bruges, Belgium, has an area of 173,000 m2 and offers great opportunities in train repairs, production and testing.