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Bombardier M200 Metro Trains to Undergo Modernization in Helsinki

Bombardier M200 Metro Trains to Undergo Modernization in Helsinki
photo: VR FleetCare/Bombardier M200 Metro Trains to Undergo Modernization in Helsinki
13 / 04 / 2023

During the overhaul, a total of 12 M200 metro trains manufactured by Bombardier in 2000–2001 will be modernized at the Helsinki depot. The overhaul will be carried out in two stages; the first prototype phase includes the overhaul of two metro trains, and the subsequent serial production phase includes the rest ten M200 metro trains.

The overhaul of the M200 metro trains is a continuation of the overhaul and modernization of the M100 metro trains, the latest of which was delivered to the rolling stock owner of Helsinki City Transport (HKL) in March.

In the new metro train overhaul, the appearance of the passenger compartment will be renewed and the gangway connections between the cars of the metro train will be renewed to improve the customer experience. In the passenger compartment, the floor mat will be renewed, the wall and ceiling panels will be renovated, the seats and grip bars will also be renovated, and the lighting will be upgraded to modern LED lighting. The driver’s cab also gets LED lighting.

Passenger comfort will be increased, and customer needs will be met by adding sockets to the cabin for mobile device charging. In terms of the metro train's systems, the biggest system reform is the complete renewal of the passenger information system. The aim is to improve the ventilation of metro trains during the renovation by replacing the various filters in the ventilation and thoroughly cleaning the entire ventilation system. In addition, headlights and indicators for LED technology will be renewed.

"The metro train renovation project is part of VR FleetCare's strategy to expand into carrying out demanding rolling stock overhauls – not only for railway rolling stock but also for other railroad vehicles. This will also ensure our competitiveness in both domestic and external markets," says Project Manager Mikko Aalto.

Source: VR FleetCare