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ÖBB updates on Salzkammergutbahn modernisation: Two more stations completed!

ÖBB updates on Salzkammergutbahn modernisation: Two more stations completed!
photo: Wexplore Productions / ÖBB /ÖBB updates on Salzkammergutbahn modernisation: Two more stations completed!
30 / 07 / 2022

The modernization of the Salzkammergut line is progressing rapidly. "By 2028, we will build modern and customer-friendly stations on the entire Salzkammergut line," said Judith Engel, Member of the Management Board of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG.

"In Traunkirchen, the new P&R facility and the soon-to-be-built covered bicycle and moped parking spaces will make the switch from private transport to public transport even more attractive. The elevated and barrier-free platforms and real-time customer:inside information is available for sustainable and environmentally friendly train journeys both for daily commuting to work or school and for leisure travel and tourism," he continued.

Modernization of stations is part of the Upper Austrian infrastructure offensive

"The Upper Austrian Infrastructure Offensive is a comprehensive attractiveness package that modernizes the rail infrastructure throughout Upper Austria. To provide passengers in the beautiful Salzkammergut region with safe and climate-friendly rail travel, extensive and sustainable investments will be made in the 108-kilometer Salzkammergut Railway by 2028. Today, we have the pleasure of opening two important mosaic pieces of this comprehensive modernization with the Traunkirchen station and the Traunkirchen Ort stop," says Infrastructure Provincial Councilor Günther Steinkellner.

Working together for mobility solutions for the future

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG was only able to carry out the conversion measures in less than six months in close coordination with the project partners, the State of Upper Austria and the municipality of Traunkirchen. Christoph Schragl, mayor of the municipality of Traunkirchen: "As a municipality, we were happy to participate in this important project. Modern and good infrastructure are key factors for a successful future. In Traunkirchen, we are committed to sensible, safe and good transport solutions - with the modernization of the stations, another important step has been taken here." It was also pleasing that a P&R facility with 18 parking spaces, including one space each for the mobility-impaired families, could also be realized. In October, the 24 bicycle and 12 moped parking spaces will also be completed and covered.

Extensive modernization

Traunkirchen train station:

  • The new, modern, barrier-free central platform
  • Glass waiting bunk on the platform
  • Modern customer:inside information system
  • New loudspeakers & lighting
  • New signals, tracks, switches and overhead line system
  • New electronic safety system for modern operations management
  • B&R facility and moped parking, P&R facility 

Traunkirchen Ort:

The reconstruction of the Traunkirchen Ort station was a special challenge. Due to the very idyllic location, but difficult to access for construction vehicles, building materials and machinery were delivered by rail. Despite this, it was possible to create a flower meadow here for bees and insects over an area of around 300m.

  • New elevated and widened platform
  • Tactile floor information system
  • Modern equipment and lighting
  • Modern customer:inside information system


Source: ÖBB Press Releases