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ÖBB Outdoor Advertising is CO2-neutral! How does the company support local and global climate protection projects?

ÖBB Outdoor Advertising is CO2-neutral! How does the company support local and global climate protection projects?
photo: Werbung-Andreas Scheiblecker / ÖBB /ÖBB Outdoor Advertising is CO2-neutral! How does the company support local and global climate protection projects?
12 / 06 / 2022

Climate protection and sustainability are two defining issues in the media industry. ÖBB Werbung, the out-of-home provider of ÖBB, is now taking another major step in its efforts for sustainable outdoor advertising. With immediate effect, all advertising campaigns on ÖBB advertising spaces will be implemented in a CO2-neutral and environmentally friendly way.

Together with GroupM, emissions that are primarily generated during the production of the advertising media are assessed. Scientific models are used to calculate the CO2 footprint of an outdoor advertising campaign. The resulting emissions are offset by investments in local and global climate protection projects.

The digital media plan admosfy developed by [m]STUDIO and GroupM is used. Emissions are offset via the certified offsetting portfolio of the non-profit foundation myclimate.

ÖBB / Werbung-Andreas Scheiblecker

All products in the range of ÖBB Werbung are offset - locomotive and bus advertising, large-scale station advertising, information advertising, and digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) at domestic stations.

Co2-neutral advertising with a clear conscience

For customers of ÖBB Werbung, the way to a CO2-neutral campaign is very simple. Every booked advertising space is recorded in the background, evaluated, and at the end of the campaign, when the exact amount of emissions generated is determined, ÖBB Werbung compensates 100%.

There is no effort for booking customers - the accompanying recording, calculation, and compensation of CO2 is completely taken over by ÖBB Werbung and its partners, admosfy and myclimate.

"Sustainability is an important marketing tool. With CO2-neutral outdoor advertising, ÖBB Werbung can come one step closer to the great ideal of today, sustainability. As the content and creative unit of GroupM, we are proud to make an effective contribution to climate protection and added value for our customers," says Martin Distl, Managing Director at [m]STUDIO.

Martin Distl, Managing Director at [m]STUDIO / Ian Ehm

Three years retroactively climate neutral

ÖBB Werbung sets a first compensation focus right at the beginning - all emissions of the last three years were collected and retroactively offset.

"We have been working with our scientific partners since 2019 on the carbon footprint analysis, which shows how much emissions are generated in the production of our advertising materials for our OHH areas. This then prompted this initiative, in which we have additionally decided to retroactively compensate for all emissions that have occurred since the start of the analysis," says Karin Seywald-Czihak, Managing Director of ÖBB Werbung.

Karin Seywald-Czihak, Managing Director ÖBB-Werbung GmbH / Max Wegscheider

Advertising technology thought one step greener

ÖBB Werbung is also taking an important step towards sustainable advertising in the production of advertising materials. With the use of PVC-free films also for bus advertising, ÖBB Werbung is significantly reducing its CO2 footprint for stickers.

Together with resource-saving production and proper disposal of advertising media, the use of energy-saving LEDs for lighting, the use of 100% green traction current, and the use of PVC- and phthalate-free films, ÖBB's outdoor advertiser offer its advertising customers a comprehensive package for the implementation of climate-friendly advertising campaigns.


Source: ÖBB Press Releases