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ÖBB on the wave of digitization. What are the prospects for the future?

ÖBB on the wave of digitization. What are the prospects for the future?
photo: ÖBB press materials/ÖBB on the wave of digitization. What are the prospects for the future?
28 / 01 / 2022

As a leading provider of mobility and logistics in Austria, ÖBB recognizes, designs, and uses them to succeed in the long run. Real-time information, chatbots that can instantly process simple customer requests, a unified platform for freight customers with all our services - all this is no longer just a dream of the future. These are convincing services that bring real added value and that we offer our customers today. These services have one thing in common. They would be unthinkable without technical progress or digitization. And that they got created in great teamwork across companies. Like digital business strategies.

Digitization - a big word that has been with us for some time and is gradually turning all areas of our lives upside down. But what does that actually mean? "In general, digitization gets seen as the change in society that got caused by new technologies," explains Raphaela Pulsinger, special assistant to the Group's Chief Information Officer (CIO). "We at ÖBB, however, take the term a little further: For us, it's also about the networking of employees, customers, and partners, the further development of our forms of work, and our internal cooperation."

Postbus has impressively demonstrated its courage to accept change in its latest projects. And he killed several flies with one blow. "We had to say goodbye to a lot of things that were no longer relevant, and together we created something that is a technical revolution for Postbus," said Christoph Wittmann, Head of IT and Innovation at Postbus. We are talking about a digital cockpit on the handlebars, replacing several systems, and combining them into one. "Communication with drivers was not digital, their schedules were still in paper form, and existing ticket printers had to get replaced," says Christoph Wittmann. ÖBB used this opportunity to address several points at once: now passenger information, traffic management system.