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ÖBB Inspects New Quality at Unterpurkersdorf Station

ÖBB Inspects New Quality at Unterpurkersdorf Station
photo: Christian Zenger / ÖBB/ÖBB Inspects New Quality at Unterpurkersdorf Station
10 / 12 / 2022

Modern rail transport needs modern stations and stops. In April 2019, the first works for the modernisation of Unterpurkersdorf station started, and the main works began in January 2020 and could now be completed.

Completion of the first stage of the Park & Ride facility is planned for autumn next year, with the remaining work expected to continue until the end of 2023. Reinhold Hödl and Heinz Gschnitzer from ÖBB inspected the new station together with Regional Mobility Councillor Ludwig Schleritzko and Mayor Stefan Steinbichler. 

As part of the project, new tracks and points including point heating systems were laid, a new overhead line was installed, as well as a new island platform with new customer information systems and a waiting berth and a new reinforced concrete passenger crossing with two staircases and two lifts as a barrier-free connection from the station forecourt to the island platform and Wintergasse respectively. In addition, the substructure and drainage systems were renewed, the accompanying paths were rebuilt, and the track equipment - safety technology, telecommunications and electrical engineering - was brought up to date. The new construction of the electronic interlocking for the optimal handling of railway operations rounds off this extensive project. 61.2 million euros were invested.

ÖBB / Christian Zenger

Project description

  • New construction of an island platform (length 160 m) with a platform edge height of 55 cm
  • Construction of a waiting berth, platform equipment, modern guidance systems and dynamic passenger information systems
  • Construction of a new reinforced concrete footbridge (approx. 92 m) with two staircases and two lifts as a barrier-free connection from the station forecourt to the island platform and Wintergasse
  • The attractiveness of the access situation to the island platform (creation of barrier-free access)
  • New construction of numerous tracks
  • Creation of a turning track for turning local trains to and from Vienna.
  • Construction of new switch connections
  • Renewal of substructure and drainage systems, construction of accompanying paths
  • New construction/renewal of overhead line (approx. 10 km)
  • Renewal of track equipment (safety technology, telecommunications and electrical engineering)
  • New construction of cable routes, radio mast, point heating and telecontrol system
  • Construction of lighting for platforms, transition footbridge and track field
  • Construction of a new technical building to bundle the technical facilities
  • New construction of ESTW (=Electronic Signal Box) Unterpurkersdorf (in the technical building)
  • Removal of various tracks

Source: ÖBB Press Releases


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