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ÖBB Embarks on a Robust Rail Expansion in Upper Austria with a EUR 312 Million Investment in 2024

ÖBB Embarks on a Robust Rail Expansion in Upper Austria with a EUR 312 Million Investment in 2024
photo: Robert Deopito / ÖBB / Public domain/ÖBB
08 / 01 / 2024

ÖBB has announced a significant expansion of its rail infrastructure in Upper Austria, allocating EUR 312 million for the year 2024. What will this investment be used for?

This investment, albeit EUR 19 million less than the previous year, forms part of an ambitious EUR 2.8 billion plan earmarked for Upper Austria up to 2029. The central focus of this massive investment is the four-track expansion of the western line between Linz and Wels. This project is set to eliminate existing bottlenecks in the internationally crucial rail corridor and create the necessary capacity for more frequent S-Bahn services and an integrated regular timetable. 

Robert Deopito / ÖBB / Public domain

Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler and ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä have emphasized the railway's central role in public transportation and climate protection initiatives. The modernization efforts, including the start of construction on the Linz-Marchtrenk section, signal the beginning of an era of enhanced and faster rail services. The entire 24 km stretch from Linz to Wels will be under construction by 2024, representing an investment of around EUR 110 million. This upgrade will transform the double-track line from the imperial era into a four-track line fit for future rail traffic, an investment of roughly EUR 2 million weekly. Additionally, the Wels freight terminal is set to expand, improving freight handling efficiency.

The investment also pays special attention to passenger convenience and safety. Modern electronic signal boxes will be installed to enable reliable, automatic operating processes, enhancing punctuality and providing real-time train information. Train stations, too, are undergoing significant upgrades for improved accessibility. Notable projects include the renovation of the Garsten train station, electrification of the Mattigtalbahn, and new Park & Ride facilities at multiple stations. These projects, supported by the state of Upper Austria, are integral to the Attractiveness Package 2019.