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ÖBB announces a new railroad underpass in Pottschach. What's so exciting about the project worth EUR 12 million?

ÖBB announces a new railroad underpass in Pottschach. What's so exciting about the project worth EUR 12 million?
photo: Wallner / ÖBB/ÖBB announces a new railroad underpass in Pottschach. What's so exciting about the project worth EUR 12 million?
02 / 07 / 2022

With the completion of the railroad underpass after two years of construction, the railroad crossing at Putzmannsdorfer Straße near the Pottschach stop is a thing of the past. It eliminates the risk of an accident between the railroad and road users and, in addition to this major safety gain, the new underpass also facilitates the flow of traffic for motorists. The investment for the underpass, which was opened to traffic yesterday, amounts to around EUR 12 million.

New underpass due to changed course of L4132

The location of the underpass is slightly offset in the direction of Wr. Neustadt compared to the railroad crossing. It also necessitated the creation of a new course for the converging roads. Due to the high groundwater level, the underpass was designed as a white tank (watertight). Furthermore, the construction measures included the construction and lifting of two railroad bridges, which lead over the lower-lying road. These steel structures were manufactured at ÖBB Brückenwerk. In addition, a road bridge was built over the Stuppacher Werksbach stream. The construction of the new roadway of the L4132 and the construction of the drainage system incl. infiltration basin was also required. The underpass was equipped with an illuminated walkway and cycle path running parallel to the roadway. The changed location of the underpass compared to the railroad crossing also made it necessary to redesign the intersection L4132/L4151/A Weninger Straße in front of the NMS, the access road to the Lekkerland company from the tub construction and the redesign of the L4132/Webereistraße/Park&Ride Pottschach junction. Finally, the existing gap in the noise barrier in the area of the level crossing to be removed was closed.

Technical data for the L4132 underpass:

  • Support width: approx. 17 m
  • Clear width: 16.2 m
  • Clear height: 4.7 m
  • Lane width L4132 in the trough area: between 3.25 m and 3.8 m plus 0.5 m shoulder plus 0.5 m kerb and a separate 3 m wide pedestrian and cycle path.
  • Roadway width L4132 open land area: lane 3.25 m plus 1.25 m verge plus 0.5 edges and safety strip and a 3 m walkway and cycle path

Costs and financing

The project was implemented by ÖBB in cooperation with the province of Lower Austria and the municipality of Ternitz. EUR 12 million were invested, of which ÖBB is bearing 58.9 per cent, the state of Lower Austria 28 per cent of the costs, the municipality of Ternitz and the company Lekkerland (plant access road) 13.1 per cent.

Hermann Hauer, Member of the Lower Austrian Parliament: "With the opening of the underpass in Pottschach, we are taking a further step towards traffic safety and relieving the burden on people in the entire region. The lived partnership between the state of Lower Austria, the municipalities and ÖBB makes one thing tangible once again: together, we are implementing projects for the people and progress in the region."

Christina Rebernik, ÖBB: "ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG stands for the performance and safety of railroad facilities in the ÖBB network. To ensure that these continue to be guaranteed, we are replacing the existing railroad crossing with a new, contemporary underpass, thereby also increasing traffic safety at the same time."

Christian Samwald, Vice MayorMunicipality of Ternitz: "The wait at the railroad crossing has now also come to an end at Pottschach station. After the opening of the underpass on the B26 in Rohrbach in December 2019, this main traffic artery for motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians has now also been made barrier-free. I would like to thank ÖBB and the state of Lower Austria, who have once again proven to be reliable partners for the city of Ternitz both in these two projects of the century, in the modernization of Ternitz station, and already in the construction of the noise barriers."


Source: ÖBB Press Releases