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ÖBB and DB's grand exploratory drilling in the Kufstein area: 1600 meters of cores for the new rail tunnel

ÖBB and DB's grand exploratory drilling in the Kufstein area: 1600 meters of cores for the new rail tunnel
photo: Gerhard Berger / ÖBB/ÖBB and DB's grand exploratory drilling in the Kufstein area: 1600 meters of cores for the new rail tunnel
21 / 09 / 2022

In the coming months, ÖBB will be carrying out exploratory drilling in the Kufstein area. The aim is to further deepen the planning for a new rail border tunnel in the direction of the Bavarian Inn Valley.

Planning and construction of a new railroad tunnel require reliable information on the nature of the subsoil. For further preliminary work on the construction of the new line from Schaftenau to the Bavarian Inn Valley, ÖBB is starting a major soil exploration project these days. Up to 4 drilling rigs will extract around 1600 meters of drill cores from the subsurface by next spring. The investigation program comprises a total of 21 drilling points. The drilling depth is between 30 and 170 meters. The material will then be analyzed in the laboratory.

The coordinated procedure with Deutsche Bahn

The ÖBB drilling campaign is being carried out in coordination with geological investigations by Deutsche Bahn in the Kiefersfelden area. A selection route was already defined by the railroads together with the Inntal communities in 2021. Now the infrastructure companies of the railroads are compiling the information required for the respective approval procedures. An engineering office is coordinating the activities and takes care of uniform planning.

ÖBB / Sailerbrothers

Geophysical investigations complement the drilling

This fall, ÖBB will supplement the drilling in the Kufstein area with geophysical investigations. Stimuli such as hammer blows on the terrain surface will enable measuring sensors to record a two-dimensional image of the soil layers. It is then compared with the results of the drilling campaign.

ÖBB concludes agreements with land owners

Drilling and geophysical surveys temporarily require the use of private land. ÖBB and the contracted companies have already contacted numerous property owners. ÖBB is grateful for the predominantly open-minded and accommodating reactions of the neighbors. ÖBB asks for your understanding should the work cause any inconvenience.

Project exhibition "Erlebnisbahnsteig" at the central station in Wörgl

The new cross-border rail tunnel into the Bavarian Inn Valley is ÖBB's final expansion project on the Scandinavian-Mediterranean core network corridor in Tyrol. In the neighboring Schaftenau - Radfeld project section, preparatory work for a shell tunnel is already underway, and excavation work for the Brenner Base Tunnel is also well advanced. The new Kundl - Baumkirchen line has been in operation since 2012. For the rail expansion in Tyrol, ÖBB has set up the "Erlebnisbahnsteig" project exhibition at Wörgl central station. With free admission, the exhibition is open daily between 7:00 and 19:00.


Source: ÖBB Press Releases


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