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ÖBB Adapts for Storks: First in Austria to Breed This Season

ÖBB Adapts for Storks: First in Austria to Breed This Season
photo: ÖBB / Public domain/Storks, Austria
19 / 03 / 2024

ÖBB has found a unique way to support local wildlife by modifying a mast to accommodate a pair of storks, making it their home for the second year in a row.

These storks, which have chosen to stay in Perg, Upper Austria, through the winter, are likely the first in the country to start breeding this season, according to ÖBB. To ensure the safety of the storks and keep the trains running smoothly, the Austrian national carrier added a special platform to the mast providing a sturdy base for the storks' nest, preventing any mess around the area and keeping the railway's technology from working without any hitches.

ÖBB / Public domain

The effort to make a safe nesting spot has paid off, attracting the storks back for breeding for the second year in a row and earning praise from stork expert Robert Gattringer. He credits the excellent nesting conditions provided by ÖBB for the storks' early breeding success.

The story of these storks has captured the hearts of many, including ÖBB employees and locals, and even online viewers through a website dedicated to showcasing the life of these storks in Austria.