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Artistic Enjoyment at a Train Station? In Stockholm, Gallery Lovers Will Have Their Fill

Artistic Enjoyment at a Train Station? In Stockholm, Gallery Lovers Will Have Their Fill
photo: Sinan Akin / Flickr/Stockholm Subway
11 / 12 / 2023

Most subway stations are associated with dirt and stench. People often avoid sitting on benches to prevent accidentally sitting on something unpleasant. However, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is an exception, boasting the most beautiful metro stations. In the first part of this series, we will introduce you to the first four stations.

The artistic transformation of the stations began in the 1950s. Today, tourists flock to see the Swedish subway art, which ranks as one of the top attractions in Stockholm. The subway there is also known as the longest art gallery in the world. An incredible atmosphere reigns in the underground stations, which resemble caves.

T-Centralen Blue Line

The station is considered the heart of the Stockholm metro. Opened in 1957, it was the first station to feature works of art. The most striking part is the platform adorned with blue ornaments. Each platform at the station is decorated with different motifs and colors.

T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden / Giuseppe Milo / Flickr

Rådhuset Station

Distinctly red-brown in color, Rådhuset Station gives the impression of stepping into a cave. Despite its fantasy movie-like appearance, it is Stockholm's most visited metro station.

Rådhuset Station / Doug Weiss / Flickr

Stadium Station

Designed to symbolize the idea that, even underground, the blue sky is just above, this station is painted blue and features a bright rainbow in the passage between platforms. This evokes feelings of kindness and purity. Östermalms IP, the main venue for the Stockholm Pride festival, is nearby. Stadium Station welcomes festival visitors with its sky-inspired theme and serves as a reminder of the stadium's significance in sports history, with the Olympic Stadium also located close by.

Stadion station, Stockholm / Milton Correa / Flickr

Akalla Station

The simply yellow Akalla Station symbolizes positivity and the joy of everyday life. Unlike other stations, its artistic project was designed in 1977 by Birgit Ståhl-Nyberg. The cave-like space, with its rough surface, is adorned with ceramic paintings.

Stockholm / Davey6585 / Flickr