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ARRIVA, ČEPRO, SPOLCHEMIE: Three big companies hope to bring hydrogen on czech railways

ARRIVA, ČEPRO, SPOLCHEMIE: Three big companies hope to bring hydrogen on czech railways
photo: Alstom press materials/Hydrogen train
18 / 02 / 2022

ARRIVA, ČEPRO, and SPOLCHEMIE join together on a project for hydrogen use in railway transportation in the Czech republic. Realization of this project should happen in the next two or three years.

The Czech Republic has heard the words “hydrogen propulsion” mainly in connection with car and bus transportation. That might soon change as three big companies share an idea toward the future of hydrogen trains and shook hands on a project that might make it a reality.

“The use of hydrogen as an emission-free fuel is in line with our efforts to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, as well as with the development of national and European legislation. We are pleased to be actively involved in a project that will realistically reduce the impacts of transport of the air and climate,” commented Daniel Tamchyna, on the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the companies.

SPOLCHEMIE already has one project when it comes to hydrogen propulsion in the transportation industry. They are working with the Transport Company of the City of Ústí and Labem to use the hydrogen produced in the chemical plant in the city to power about twenty city buses. The company will also offer the hydrogen at a filling station to other interested parties.

“Sufficient hydrogen production capacity allows us to look for its further meaningful use – currently it is a train drive,” added Tamchyna.

In the area of the chemical plant in Ústí nad Labem, ČEPRO, a. s. plans to build and operate a hydrogen filling station, which makes them a distributor part of the project.

“European Union legislation is pushing its member states to reduce emissions and switch to alternative fuels. Although at least until 2030 most of the energy in transport will still come from oil, ČEPRO, as a reliable source and guarantor of quality fuels, already wants to facilitate a smooth transition between fossil and alternative energy in the Czech Republic’s transport model,” says the ČEPRO company CEO Jan Duspěva.