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Andreas Matthä, "It's time for a second energy turnaround." ÖBB Invests EUR 1 Billion in Renewable Energy

Andreas Matthä, &quote;It's time for a second energy turnaround.&quote; ÖBB Invests EUR 1 Billion in Renewable Energy
photo: Scheiblecker/ÖBB/Andreas Matthä, "It's time for a second energy turnaround." ÖBB Invests EUR 1 Billion in Renewable Energy
03 / 05 / 2022

By 2030, ÖBB wants to invest around one billion euros in renewable energies, namely hydro, wind and photovoltaics. In this way, ÖBB will be able to generate an additional 280 GWh of its production thanks to its own wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants.

ÖBB currently generates about 750 GWh from nine of its hydroelectric power plants. ÖBB also has four partner power plants generating green traction current exclusively for the company.

In addition to hydropower, ÖBB uses solar power and wind power. The company has commissioned 20 new photovoltaic installations and operates a total of 45 plants to achieve a solar power production of about 10,000 MWh.

The additional 280 GWh that the company aims for by 2030 could equate to the amount consumed by 70,000 households in Austria. ÖBB also plans to carry out further pilot projects to test photovoltaic systems on transport infrastructure, including, for example, photovoltaic platform roofs or solar modules with heating for snowy regions.

The ÖBB took another step in the energy transition in October 2021 when it commissioned the renewed Spullersee hydroelectric power plant built 100 years ago. The upgraded facility will provide traction power from 100 percent renewable energy in the long run.

"For us, electricity generation from renewable energy is an important lever in the fight against the climate crisis. Austria must become independent of fossil fuels in the long term. As the current, shocking events in Ukraine show, not only for ecological but also for economic reasons. The only conceivable solution for us as ÖBB is to rely on domestic hydropower and renewable energies. A hundred years ago, our grandfathers already initiated the first energy turnaround to become independent of coal. Today, we are initiating the next one. It is time for the second energy turnaround," said ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä.