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America presents major infrastructural decisions while Siemens USA will be part of this brave change.

America presents major infrastructural decisions while Siemens USA will be part of this brave change.
photo: Siemens press materials/Barbara Humpton
16 / 11 / 2021

The continuous debate about the dilapidated American infrastructure might finally have a solution.The chance to find the answer to overcome these obstacles begins today as President Biden signs the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. This crucial moment brings a new future for the USA. One that sets the platform for decarbonizing the economy, boosting USA production, creating jobs, and increasing equity.

A perfect example is the firm´s manufacturing of EV charging infrastructure in Wendell, North Carolina, where they expanded their operations in the USA to meet growing interest. Siemens committed to building one million chargers over the following four years and they have launched a new training and apprenticeship program to prepare the workforce for these skilled jobs electrifying mobility.

In the USA alone, Siemens runs 26 manufacturing sites, more than 40,000 employees, and over 24,000 suppliers. When they build a train at their rail manufactory in Sacramento, they activate 2,000 suppliers across 40 states. They are anxious to tap into and expand those networks.

Siemens is looking forward to modernizing the power grid and converting America’s buildings focused on sustainability and flexibility. By making grid upgrades a national priority, the policies passed today will accelerate America´s transition to a clean energy future while building the resiliency that communities want right now. America needs the grid to be smarter, but it also has to be powerful as the demand for power increases and they continue to face shocks like extreme weather changes and wildfires. The integration of renewable energy, the implementation of digital tools, and the deployment of microgrids will equip the grid to deal with these challenges. 

Siemens´s teams continue to deliver for clients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, operating with more than 100 USA cities. We’re a technology provider to Amtrak and 35 of the nation’s transit agencies. Siemens supports 90% of Fortune 500 industrial companies while helping thousands of customers connect to the industrial Internet of Things and build apps 10 times faster using our low-code platform – all supported by a global ecosystem of 1,200 cybersecurity professionals.