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Alstom Unveils Next-Gen Rail Innovations at Modern Railways 2023

Alstom Unveils Next-Gen Rail Innovations at Modern Railways 2023
photo: Alstom / Public domain/Alstom at Modern Railways 2023 Exhibition
16 / 11 / 2023

Modern Railways 2023 exhibition and the concurrent 4th World Railway Cooperation & Development Forum saw Alstom unveil its latest technology innovations, showcasing the future of rail travel.

A highlight of Alstom's showcase was the Avelia Horizon, the next generation of high-speed trains designed to combine efficiency with passenger enjoyment. This double-deck train is expected to revolutionize the market with its reduced energy footprint and maintenance needs. Its design promises a 20% increase in passenger capacity, catering to up to 740 travelers. Richard Xie, detailing the train's features, noted its adaptability and cost-effectiveness, alongside passenger-focused amenities such as automatic boarding processes and dedicated lounge spaces.

Alstom's Managing Director in China, Ming Geng, during his address at the forum, underscored the significance of digital transformation in the rail industry, aligning with China State Railway Group's vision for a complete digital overhaul by 2035.

"With more than 60 years of presence in the Chinese market, Alstom and its Chinese joint ventures will also respond to the call actively and continue to promote 'Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Technology', 'Fully Automated Driverless Technology', 'Low and Medium Capacity Systems', 'New Generation of Signalling Technology' and other digital and intelligent technologies and products, to help China's rail transit move towards a sustainable future", he added.

Alstom's exhibition is an affirmation of their "Leading the way to greener and smarter mobility worldwide" motto. This is exemplified by their Coradia iLint – the world's first passenger train powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Alstom's commitment to cybersecurity was also highlighted by Eddy Thesee’s insights, who spoke on the imperative of protecting the digital integrity of rail systems.