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Alstom equips Stuttgart S-Bahn trains with ETCS and Driving Systems

Alstom equips Stuttgart S-Bahn trains with ETCS and Driving Systems
photo: DB/DB Regio
30 / 06 / 2021

DB Regio, the German regional railway operator (DB), has signed a contract with Alstom to equip 215 S-Bahn trains in Stuttgart with European train systems ETCS and ATO.

The contract was signed as part of the Stuttgart 21 project, which provides for the renovation of the Stuttgart railway junction. The BR 423 and BR 430 series trains, which run on the city railways and main lines in Stuttgart and its suburbs, will be upgraded with ETCS and ATO devices. The value of the contract is 130 million euros.

The introduction of ETCS Level 2 (and in the future ETCS Level 3), in combination with GoA 2 level of automation, will stabilize the running process, reduce train intervals, and increase traffic density.

Under the contract, Alstom will first equip ETCS and ATO with two pre-production trains BR 423 and four trains BR 430. These works, including the re-approval of pre-production trains for operation, must be completed by the end of 2023. from January 2025, ETCS and ATO rolling stock will start operating in sections equipped with ETCS Level 2. ETCS Level 2 and ATO are planned to start operating at the end of 2025 in the maintenance of the S-Bahn, which passes several urban railway routes. This will increase the intensity of the trains.

The BR 423 and BR 430 series trains were built with Bombardier Transportation, which is now part of Alstom.

The Treaty provides for the renewal of the ETCS and ATO systems in 2026 and 2027 to ensure that the requirements of the new versions of the specifications of these systems are met.