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Alstom celebrates yet another milestone: 70 years of the company's activities in Mexico

Alstom celebrates yet another milestone: 70 years of the company's activities in Mexico
photo: Alstom/Alstom celebrates yet another milestone: 70 years of the company's activities in Mexico
05 / 10 / 2022

Alstom, a global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, celebrates 70 years of activities in Mexico. During the past seven decades, Alstom has established itself and demonstrated its unrivaled experience in supporting the development of Mexico’s mobility needs, both public transit and freight, through projects such as the construction of the country’s first metro line in 1968 – Line 1 in Mexico City – to maintenance projects for the leading national freight operators.

Over these 70 years, Alstom has grown with a wide range of mobility solutions that, through collaborative work with customers, improve mobility to and from and within cities, and increases the well-being of its passengers. Throughout the history of the company in Mexico, Alstom has and continues to respond to customers’ needs, from design to engineering, industrial to manufacturing, project management to installation, testing and integration, and commissioning to the maintenance of rail equipment and systems related to the safe and fluid movement of people and/or goods.

Innovation, at the heart of the company’s DNA, is both the key to technological differentiation and a means of creating added value and gaining a competitive edge. To lead in green and smart solutions, Alstom has significantly reinforced its research and development (R&D) resources and intends to expand its leadership in rail innovation.

Since its establishment in Mexico, Alstom has been committed to protecting employees, customers, and society, while preserving the environment, and has therefore developed comprehensive and proactive sustainability and CSR policy. The Top Employer certification that Alstom has received is a testament to the organization’s dedication to a better world of work and exhibits this through excellent HR policies and people practices. In addition, the Alstom Foundation, the company’s philanthropic organization that finances local community-related projects around the world, has supported 17 projects to date in Mexico, ranging from protecting flora and fauna ecosystems to helping communities access electricity from renewable sources to supporting education, development and protecting vulnerable youth.

“Our partnerships with the passenger system and freight train operators in Mexico, demonstrate our commitment to the progress of the country and to the support of society. We currently have a team of more than 1,700 employees, whom we continuously train to positively impact their personal and professional evolution by providing them with an inclusive work environment and by keeping them healthy, happy, and motivated so that they have a better quality of life,” said Maite Ramos, General Director of Alstom Mexico.

Ciudad Sahagún plant and the great mobility project in Mexico

Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo, is home to Alstom’s largest manufacturing facility in the Americas region and Alstom’s 3rd largest in the world. Alstom has manufactured more than 2,300 metro and light rail cars at the 500,000 m2 facility, as well as 2,000 diesel-electric locomotives for the transportation systems of Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. The plant has manufactured more than 70% of the railway vehicles in Mexico, as well as subassemblies and major assemblies for trains for cities such as New York City, Edmonton, Toronto, Beijing, and trains for international projects in Minneapolis, Kuala Lumpur, Riyadh, and San Francisco.

Currently, the Ciudad Sahagún plant is producing trains for the largest mobility project in Mexico: the Mayan Train. The plant will manufacture 42 X´trapolis™ trains of three different types, meeting the goal of being A train for Mexico, made in Mexico.

The future

The company maintains its focus on the future, centered on sustainable growth, green and digital innovation, operational efficiency, and an agile, inclusive and responsible corporate culture, anticipating the mobility challenges of tomorrow.

Alstom Mexico is working to ensure that its current projects can transform people's lives, and continue to help them move safely, quickly, and sustainably for the next 70 years. “We firmly believe in the progress of the country and just as we did when we arrived in Mexico, we will always work to continue providing the country with the most innovative technologies, that benefit our clients and all the people of our Mexican community with more efficient, faster, cleaner and safer means of transportation to contribute to the consolidation of the nation,” concluded the General Director of Alstom Mexico.


Source: Alstom Press Releases