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Alstom and Danish State Railways Unveil Full-Scale Model of IC5 Coradia Stream Trains

Alstom and Danish State Railways Unveil Full-Scale Model of IC5 Coradia Stream Trains
photo: Alstom/Alstom and Danish State Railways Unveil Full-Scale Model of IC5 Coradia Stream Trains
15 / 05 / 2023

Alstom, global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, and Danish State Railways (DSB), together revealed to the Danish public a full-size model of the new IC5 Coradia Stream trains in the presence of Flemming Jensen, CEO of Danish State Railways (DSB), Emmanuel Henry, Managing Director of Alstom in Denmark and different stakeholders.

In April 2021, Alstom and DSB signed a historic landmark framework agreement, worth €2.6 billion for the supply of 100 Coradia Stream trains, as well as 15 years of full-service maintenance. To facilitate the design and manufacturing process, Alstom produced a 1:1 scale model of the new IC5 train. 

The full-size model of the IC5 train carriage is equipped with seats, tables and other interiors and will be used to validate the train's functionalities and design with various stakeholder groups – including DSB’s customers and staff. An exceptional travel experience and comfortable seating are key priorities, which the IC5 train’s interior design ensures, enabling customers to both relax and work along the journey. The new design offers enhanced passenger features such as wider table space, reclined chairs, individual armrests, reading light and charging facilities on each seat. Furthermore, the IC5 train will have more screens than on the current DSB trains, providing passengers enhanced real-time journey information availability.

Minor changes are expected before full completion of the design. Nevertheless, the 1:1 scale IC5 train mock-up offers a strong impression of what customers and employees can expect from the real thing. 

“We have reached an important milestone together with Alstom. The IC5 trains will be the backbone of climate-friendly, comfortable and efficient train traffic in Denmark in a few years. With the design of the trainsets finally frozen in, production of the IC5 trains can begin,” says Flemming Jensen, CEO of Danish State Railways.

“Through strong cooperation with DSB, we have now reached an important milestone with the finalised design – and real-size mock-up – of the IC5 train. Now, we are looking forward to the production and delivery of the trains, which are based on our well-proven Coradia Stream train family. It combines innovation, sustainability, and great passenger comfort in the best possible way. The details of the train are customised for Denmark, so there is no train like this elsewhere,” says Emmanuel Henry, Managing Director of Alstom in Denmark.

The new IC5 train is based on Alstom’s state-of-the-art, low-floor, high-performance Coradia Stream Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) and meets today’s demands of regional and intercity transport. The Coradia Stream train offers a modular design, allowing operators to choose the configuration and interior that work best for their market and commercial strategy. In total, over 1000 trains based on the Coradia Stream train family have already been ordered by Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands among others, ensuring the trains are a well-proven product. The train family offers versions with zero direct emissions such as battery or hydrogen for non-electrified lines, making it a special high-capacity solution that completes the portfolio. In addition, Alstom’s sustainable approach to services considers the entire life cycle of the product, from initial design to end of life, which will maximise the value of DSB’s asset.

The IC5 trains are adapted to meet the requirements of the Danish rail network and its top speed of 200 km/h will help ensure swift mobility across the country. They are prerequisites for being able to take full advantage of the major infrastructure projects on the railway that are currently being carried out, such as electrification and new signals.

The IC5 trains will replace the IC3, IC4, IR4 and Øresund trains. These will be continuously phased out, and will operate as both high-speed, intercity and regional trains.

Materials in the new IC5 trains are all inspired from Danish design tradition and offer, among other things, seat fabric with a high proportion of wool, which means that the seats will avoid environmentally harmful surface treatment. In addition, all products and materials are eco-labelled and up to 96% of the train can be recycled. The IC5 train has five carriages with 300 seats. The carriages have low entry, good flex areas for bicycles and prams, and even more places for storing luggage than the existing trains. 

Alstom has been present in Denmark for 20 years, having sold over 500 regional trains in the country, as well as world-class signalling solutions. In Denmark, Alstom is currently delivering the ERTMS signalling solutions for Banedanmark for Trackside in Eastern Denmark, and for on-board equipment nationwide.

Source: Alstom