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Adif AV's Grand Vision for Barcelona Sants: A Multimodal, Sustainable Future

Adif AV's Grand Vision for Barcelona Sants: A Multimodal, Sustainable Future
photo: Adif AV/Adif AV's Grand Vision for Barcelona Sants: A Multimodal, Sustainable Future
22 / 09 / 2023

Adif AV, in its recent meeting with Barcelona City Council's new administration, unveiled the comprehensive plan for the transformation of Barcelona Sants. The first three of these projects are already in the supervision phase and are expected to receive technical approval by the end of this year. Following this, the tender for the works is anticipated in early 2024 with execution slated for the last quarter. A whopping investment exceeding EUR 125 million will be channelled into the remoulding of the station and its environs.

The groundwork for these projects has been exhaustive and inclusive. Over the past year, Adif AV engaged in weekly consultations with the council's technical teams to develop a robust framework that accounts for construction, railway operation, and the station's neighbouring residents and travellers. This meticulous planning took cues from an 18-month participatory process, engaging local territory representatives, neighbourhood groups, and traders, culminating in the preliminary project's unveiling in September 2022. These transformative projects aim to mould Barcelona Sants into a hub of future mobility: eco-friendly, multifaceted, aligned with a modern urban design, and, crucially, focused on its citizens.

Highlighting the transformation, the designs include Plaza Països Catalans' rejuvenation, restoring its original layout while introducing green spaces, children's zones, and relaxation areas. The first phase targets the passenger building with a new boarding hall for high-speed trains and expanded areas for Rodalies commuters. Key to the renovation is the launch of two new station entrances and an updated lobby. Surrounding the station, the focus shifts to prioritizing pedestrian and vehicular accessibility, complementing the Barcelona City Council's traffic restructuring.

Emphasizing sustainability, Barcelona Sants' makeover incorporates increased green spaces, photovoltaic panels for renewable self-consumption, and eco-friendly construction materials like granite, wood, and metal. With a vision of integrating the station seamlessly into the urban landscape, the redesign will prioritize pedestrian connections, presenting Barcelona-Sants as a model multimodal station. The ultimate aim is to ensure travellers have increased space, enhanced station flow, and provisions for diverse mobility, including bicycles, scooters, and expansive pedestrian zones.