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Adif AV Powers Up Spain's Future with Extremadura Rail Electrification

Adif AV Powers Up Spain's Future with Extremadura Rail Electrification
photo: Adif AV/Adif AV Powers Up Spain's Future with Extremadura Rail Electrification
04 / 09 / 2023

Adif AV, Spain's Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, is making strides in the electrification of the Extremadura high-speed railway connection.

The company recently completed the electrification of an 11-km section between the Plasencia station and a transformer at kilometer point 11/078. This milestone comes after the energization of a 112-km section between Plasencia and Peñas Blancas in May, which had left this shorter segment pending due to a high-voltage line being affected. In August, Adif also energized a 90-km section between the Carmonita substation in Badajoz and its station exit, including multiple intermediary stations. Live tests have commenced on the catenary system and other elements of the Plasencia-Badajoz electrification project.

This progress is part of a broader effort to complete the high-speed railway axis in the Extremadura region. In addition to the electrification work, track-laying is underway at the Mérida bypass, and excavation at the Dehesa del Terzuelo tunnel, one of the route's most significant structures, has reached 250 meters. Furthermore, Adif has been awarded a €6.8 million contract for the maintenance and conservation of the energy systems for the 355-km electrified section between Plasencia and Badajoz.

The Plasencia-Badajoz electrification operates on an alternating current system of 2x25 kV and 50 Hertz frequency. This effort aligns with Spain's commitment to safer and more sustainable transportation options. The state-of-the-art power supply system enhances the distribution of currents and sets the standard for new high-speed lines in the country. Adif AV is also engaging in various other infrastructure improvements, including track renovations and platform extensions, to ensure the holistic development of Spain's railway system.

Source: Adif AV