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Adif AV Kickstarts New Phase in Murcia-Almería High-Speed Line with EUR 31.3 Million Investment

Adif AV Kickstarts New Phase in Murcia-Almería High-Speed Line with EUR 31.3 Million Investment
photo: Adif AV / Public domain/Adif AV
21 / 02 / 2024

Adif AV is advancing the Murcia-Almería High-Speed Line with a new EUR 31.3 million investment aimed at initiating the track assembly phase, marking a significant step in the project's development.

This latest financial input will fund the construction of a base in Librilla, from which track laying on the initial Murcia-Lorca segment, extending 60 kilometers, will commence. The base is designed to facilitate the reception, storage, and management of essential track components such as ballast, rails, and sleepers, while also accommodating storage and office spaces. This development is planned to evolve into a permanent maintenance hub for the line and the extended route to Murcia-Monforte del Cid.

This initiative is part of a broader EUR 3.5 billion investment by Adif AV to integrate Almería into Spain's high-speed network. With the recent procurement for the construction of the Murcia-Almería section through Lorca, the entire line is now either under contract, construction, or completion.

The project's scope extends beyond track assembly, with tenders already out for the installation of signaling equipment and the commencement of the first electrification works. Such comprehensive development underscores the project's alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting reliable and sustainable infrastructure, economic growth, sustainability, and inclusive urban development.

The Murcia-Almería HSL's progression is bolstered by European Union funding through the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, courtesy of NextGenerationEU. This support facilitates the construction of the track assembly base and solidifies the EU's commitment to enhancing sustainable transport networks across the continent.