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Adif AV Invests €21 Million in High-Speed Inspection Train

Adif AV Invests €21 Million in High-Speed Inspection Train
photo: Adif AV/Adif AV Invests €21 Million in High-Speed Inspection Train
04 / 07 / 2023

For an expenditure surpassing 21 million euros, Adif Alta Velocidad has procured a new inspection train capable of operating on standard gauge tracks at speeds up to 300 km/h.

This new train is outfitted with dynamic track and overhead wire inspection equipment. It also possesses an odometry system to measure the train's velocity and distance covered. Furthermore, it includes apparatus for evaluating the overhead wire's ability to transmit electrical current.

This train is set to conduct dynamic track inspection tests on high-speed routes, where it will record the train's response to track interactions. It does so by measuring varying acceleration levels experienced within the train, thereby providing insights into ride comfort and stability. Additionally, the train will undertake dynamic inspections of overhead wires, analyzing the relationship between the pantograph and the overhead wire, while also recording the contact force.

Moreover, it will execute tests of the ERTMS traffic management system and carry out reliability checks, as well as training on newly established standard gauge tracks or portions thereof.

It also has signalling equipment (LZB, ERTMS and ASFA) and communications equipment (Train Ground and GSM-R). The onboard LZB system, compatible with the one installed on the Madrid-Seville high-speed line, will enable tests to be carried out on this line as the work progresses on the implementation of the most advanced control, command and signalling and telecommunications system, ERTMS.

Monitoring is a strategic activity for the maintenance of service lines, as the evaluation of the quality of the infrastructure allows a predictive analysis to be carried out. This procedure analyses the main parameters to establish, maintain and increase the quality, reliability and safety of the installations. It is also essential in the testing phases before the commissioning of new infrastructures.

The contract, awarded to the company CAF, also includes the maintenance of the train for four years and the supply of a minimum stock of spare parts for its maintenance.

Source: Adif AV