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Adif AV Earmarks EUR 6M for the Construction of the Maintenance Base on the Madrid-Galicia HSL

Adif AV Earmarks EUR 6M for the Construction of the Maintenance Base on the Madrid-Galicia HSL
photo: Adif AV/Adif AV Earmarks EUR 6M for the Construction of the Maintenance Base on the Madrid-Galicia HSL
10 / 02 / 2023

Adif Alta Velocidad has awarded a contract worth more than EUR 6 million for the construction of a maintenance base for the high-speed section Pedralba de la Pradería-Taboadela (Madrid-Galicia high-speed line) in the municipality of A Mezquita (Ourense).

The facility will serve as an operational maintenance centre for the section, which is just over 100 km long. It will consist of an office building, a warehouse, a rolling stock workshop and slabs for the collection and treatment of turnouts and sleepers, with a standard-gauge track bundle connected to the current route of the Madrid-Galicia high-speed line. 

The project will improve maintenance work on the Madrid-Galicia high-speed line, reinforcing the work of the La Hiniesta base (Zamora), and promote the development of new auxiliary activities that will require the establishment of companies and the generation of employment in the area to carry out maintenance work (infrastructure techniques, electrification, civil protection and signalling).

During the construction work, special care will be taken to protect the environment, and it is planned to restore the slopes of the worksite by spreading topsoil, among other measures.

The new base will be built by the Temporary Joint Venture (UTE) formed by Dragados and Tecsa. It will cover an area of approximately 10 hectares and partially take advantage of the platform already built in the track assembly phase of the Pedraba-Taboadela section, which is already in service. 

Main actions

The works included in this contract will be the following:

  • Office building: One-storey building with a useful surface area of 310 m2, it will house offices, meeting and technical rooms, etc.
  • Maintenance building (warehouse): Built using laminated steel frames, perimeter enclosure of block masonry and sheet metal roofing
  • Rolling stock maintenance building (workshop): With a rectangular floor plan and a surface area of 48 x 7.5 m, it will have a standard-width access road and a longitudinal pit measuring 30 x 4.1 m, with a depth of 1.5 m. It will serve as a logistics and maintenance centre for the track machinery
  • Standard gauge track bed: A 5-track standard gauge (1,435 mm) track bed is planned with a connection to the existing high-speed line. The platform is completed up to the sub-ballast layer. The ballast loading bay and the tracks are also completed or at an advanced stage
  • Turnout pre-assembly slab: This will be made of reinforced concrete and allow the pre-assembly of switches and crossings in a future phase of operation
  • Sleeper stockpile slab: Attached to the previous one.

This action contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), such as number 9, which includes, among its goals, the promotion of reliable, sustainable, resilient and quality infrastructures.

Source: Adif AV