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Adif AV Commits to Green Energy in New Multi-Million Euro Contract

Adif AV Commits to Green Energy in New Multi-Million Euro Contract
photo: Adif AV / Public domain/Adif AV Commits to Green Energy in New Multi-Million Euro Contract
10 / 11 / 2023

Adif Alta Velocidad (Adif AV) has finalized a contract with Iberdrola Clients for the procurement of green electricity. This agreement, distinguished by its Guarantee of Origin (GdO), specifically caters to non-remote metered supply points including passenger stations, buildings, and a variety of other railway facilities, intentionally excluding traction for train operators. The contract spans the years 2024 to 2025, encompassing facilities that are not directly consumption-monitored by Adif AV, with an allocated budget of EUR 14.4 million. However, the actual cost is contingent on factors such as real consumption levels and fluctuations in the OMIE wholesale market or potential price coverage in the OMIP market, with an estimated annual consumption of 27.9 GWh for these facilities.

The energy supply agreement resulted from a meticulous negotiation process aimed at securing the most favorable energy rates, responsive to market forecasts. This approach commenced with the evaluation of the top three proposals, converging on a singular method to determine the final energy price: a price indexed to the daily OMIE market with an option for fixed-price periods, subject to market conditions and advance notification requirements. To streamline the process, supply points were organized into three groups to standardize access rates and market expenses. The arranged price will apply uniformly across all supply points, including future registrations throughout the contract term, ensuring homogenized costs.

This initiative is part of Adif AV's ongoing efforts to decarbonize the railway system and endorse renewable energy utilization, extending from the introduction of GdO-certified electrical energy supplies in 2019. This measure reflects the objectives outlined in the company’s Climate Change Action Plan 2018-2030. Moreover, it underpins Adif AV's dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals, enhancing energy efficiency (SDG 7), promoting resilient infrastructure (SDG 9), and taking decisive climate action (SDG 13). By exploring the potential for price hedging in the OMIP futures market,