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About 30% of transport infrastructure in Ukraine destroyed due to the war

About 30% of transport infrastructure in Ukraine destroyed due to the war
photo: Archiv/Ukraine war
20 / 04 / 2022

Reuters, citing the local transport ministry, reported that since Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, up to 30% of transport infrastructure has been damaged, the extent ranging from complete destruction to relatively minor repairs. The damage is estimated at EUR 92.6 billion.

According to Transportation Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov, about 300 bridges on major highways were damaged or destroyed, about 8,000 kilometers of roads were damaged, and significant damage was done to railroads. In his opinion, the complete restoration will take two years.

Ukraine hopes to finance the repair work with Russian funds withdrawn from Western countries. According to the Minister of Transport, there are many sources to finance the construction work. "The first is the assets of the Russian Federation, which have been frozen by almost all major countries," stated Kubrakov.

It is known that, as part of the sanctions against Russia, Western countries have frozen currency reserves amounting to EUR 277.9 billion. Some European politicians are in solidarity with Ukraine's hopes and intend to use seized Russian assets to finance a fund for Ukraine's reconstruction, which the European Union wants to create.


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