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A New Subway Line Is Being Built in Prague for the First Time in 40 Years: Meet Line D!

A New Subway Line Is Being Built in Prague for the First Time in 40 Years: Meet Line D!
photo: DPP/ New Subway Line Is Being Built in Prague for the First Time in 40 Years: Meet Line D!
30 / 04 / 2022

After 40 years, the Prague metro finally gets its extension: construction work on the D Line has begun on the Pankrác - Olbrachtová (I.D1a) section, which will be carried out in a total of six locations along the 3-kilometer length over the next 90 months. The project to build the entire line is estimated at EUR 4 billion (CZK 97.79 billion). The first works will be implemented by a consortium consisting of Subterra, Hochtief CZ, Hochtief Infrastructure, Strabag, and Ed. Züblin.

"This is definitely one of the most important moments I am experiencing as mayor. After more than 40 years, we are starting the construction of a new line of the Prague metro. This is one of the most important current investments not only for Prague but also for the entire Czech Republic," said Zdeněk Hřib, the Mayor of Prague.

The construction of the new D Line is divided into four phases or sections, the first of which is the above-mentioned section I.D1a (Pankrac - Olbrachtova), followed by I.D1b (Olbrachtova - Nové Dvory) with the construction of three stations and interstation tunnels, I.D3 (Namesti Bratří Sinku - Namesti Miru), and I.D2 with three stations and the depot in Písnice.

"Prague metro Line D is not just a reaction to the long-term unresolved traffic situation in the southern part of the city. It is also an opportunity for further development, leisure, new housing for the citizens, and business opportunities. In addition to quality public transport, the metro also brings new potential and life to the area. At the same time, it is an opportunity for existing infrastructure," Adam Scheinherr, the Deputy Mayor of Transportation, said.

The new 10.6-km D Line will have ten stations and be fully automated.

The total cost of the I.D1a line, including monitoring systems and certification, is EUR 595.4 million (14.54 billion Czech crowns). It is known that the European Investment Bank (EIB) announced on April 20 that it would evaluate the second Pankrác-Nové Dvory section, offering financing worth EUR 934 million (CZK 22,763 million) for a total of EUR 1.86 billion (CZK 45.5 billion). The EIB financing will also support the purchase of 10 five-car trains.

"We are negotiating a loan with the European Investment Bank, and we continue to call on the state to provide financial assistance to Prague with this supra-regional transport construction project," said Pavel Vyhnánek, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague.