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A loan from the EBRD will support the Timisoara project

A loan from the EBRD will support the Timisoara project
photo: loan from the EBRD will support the Timisoara project
04 / 01 / 2022

The EBRD (The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) will provide a EUR 20.3 million loan to the Timisoara tram system project scheduled for 2020-2023. The funding will support the city’s tram fleet renewal and the rehabilitation of the T5 tram line, as well as two consultancies to support the city’s public transport reforms. The plan will save an estimated 22.2% of current emissions, or up to 683 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, per year.

The city representatives, three years ago, also signed a EUR 51.8 million contract together with the West Regional Development Agency to assure the tram infrastructure modernization and for a purchase of new vehicles.

The Green City Action Plan (GCAP) will get built on Timisoara's current goal to better the public transport infrastructure and services. This goal also includes an expectation for business and financial growth in the region of Timisoara. The fundings are following the European Regional Operational Program for Romania, targeting green and mobility investments.

The loan will finance Timisoara's city tram fleet and the revitalization of the T5 tram line and the two consultation companies to boost the Timisoara public transportation system.

“This financial agreement will bring Timisoara closer to a green city concept which includes the mobility system. This is a strong signal that the city really wants to reform this sector,” the vice mayor Ruben Latcau said.

A total value of EUR 87.2 million is estimated to be put into these development projects that include national and regional support. It will involve the technical cooperation funds. The loan provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is getting used to finance the gap in Timisoara's priority infrastructural program and while helping with the gap, it will also help the long-term sustainable urban planning that focuses on green energy, and mobility.