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31 billion goes into the modernization of tracks and buildings in the Czech Republic

31 billion goes into the modernization of tracks and buildings in the Czech Republic
photo:ální ředitel správy železnic Jiří Svoboda
07 / 04 / 2021

This year, the Railway Administration will spend CZK 31 billion on investments in modernization, track repairs or station buildings, which is 1.5 billion crowns more than last year. In total, it will complete the reconstruction of 97 kilometres of tracks, modernize 200 railway crossings and approximately 114 station buildings.

Further investments in Czech infrastructure will be possible by the allocated amount of funds from the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure in the amount of 53 billion crowns. Thanks to this, the railway network administrator can continue to fulfil the development plan until 2030. It envisages mainly the development and modernization of the national railway network, including increasing the speed and capacity of selected tracks. Its other priorities include increasing traffic safety on all types of tracks, whether through the introduction of modern technologies or greater security at level crossings. It is also important to prepare the construction of high-speed lines. To fulfil all these tasks, it will be necessary to spend around 500 billion crowns in the next ten years.

From this strategy are also based plans for 2021."A number of large investment projects are in process, for other important constructions that are currently in the final stages of project preparation, we will announce selection procedure in the near future " said Jiří Svoboda, General Manager of the Railway Administration.

Investing in the future

Investments which are planned in the coming years in the entire infrastructure and ancillary facilities, such as intermodal public transhipments or modern passenger terminals, will go to project and construction management and preparations for the buildings themselves or to feasibility or environmental impact studies. The goal is to prepare such projects that will place the Czech railway network back on the competitive grid of the network in Central Europe, especially in terms of speed or capacity of tracks.

Larger security of crossings

The Railway Administration pays attention also to railway crossings. This year, it will reconstruct 200 to almost two billion crowns. At the same time, security will increase in large parts of them. 40 crossings altogether, will be obtained in addition to the existing traffic lights. These will be installed in another 30 places, which are still secured only by warning crosses. In particular, the preventive importance will have equipment of eight crossings with a camera. From the point of view of safety, will be essential also prepared abolition of 11 level crossings. To the gradual decreasing of their number should further contribute legislative adjustments, which took effect in January.