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1,200 Siemens IoT sensors equip Derichebourg Multiservices headquarters

1,200 Siemens IoT sensors equip Derichebourg Multiservices headquarters
photo: Siemen press materials/1,200 Siemens IoT sensors equip Derichebourg Multiservices headquarters
19 / 04 / 2022

Derichebourg Multiservices, a French company that provides facilities services for companies and municipalities, has equipped the new headquarters of Derichebourg Multiservices in Chretien with 1,200 smart IoT sensors from Siemens subsidiary Enlighted, which are installed directly in the ceiling lights. It will allow Derichebourg Multiservices to significantly save energy and optimize building management following French government regulations requiring companies to achieve 40 percent energy savings by 2030.

"The data collected by our Enlighted sensors is hugely valuable in improving the energy efficiency of buildings, and also the comfort and productivity of the people who work in them," said Stefan Schwab, CEO of Enlighted. "We are pleased to be working with both Le Studio Led and Derichebourg Multiservices to develop new use cases, which will allow for the optimization of services for occupants."

The Derichebourg Multiservices headquarters has been completely redesigned to meet today's environmental requirements: 1 200 sensor lights have been installed on the upper floors with the majority of open-plan offices. The lower floors will be upgraded during the expansion phase. The project was implemented with the support of lighting designer Le Studio Led.

In addition to reducing its electricity consumption, Derichebourg Multiservices wants to use the information collected to show its customers the benefits of using sensors. The French company is working with Le Studio Led and Siemens to develop new scenarios for their use.

"As part of our service delivery activities, the breadth of possibilities offered by IoT sensors represents a tremendous development opportunity," said Silvine Thoma, Communications Manager for Derichebourg Multiservices. "Not only do we act on our own consumption, but we also benefit from a real-world showcase of their usage, in order to offer additional services to our customers, for our remote monitoring or cleaning activities, for example.