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ZTM signed a study contract worth PLN 1.47 million for new tram line project

ZTM signed a study contract worth PLN 1.47 million for new tram line project
photo: Polish News/ZTM signed a study contract worth PLN 1.47 million for new tram line project
19 / 03 / 2022

The Warsaw Public Transport Authority has signed a study contract with Warsaw-based Databout for a feasibility study for the tram line extension along Modlińska Street.

This environmental impact analysis of the investment is the first step for the new tram line reconstruction in the Polish capital. ZTM will need to obtain funding for the project, particularly from the EU. In addition, the company will require an environmental decision and a building permit. It will also have to prepare the construction project itself.

The project is a continuation of the existing route, which runs along Jagiellońska Street through the territory of the former FSO car factory and ends with a loop under the route of the Home Army. The line will connect with the route from Młociny to the Vineyard along Modlinńska Street. The extension of the tram route is part of the urban planning concept of the Osiedle Warszawy workshops.

One of the most complicated tasks is determining how the new tracks should pass through the road junction at Jagiellońska and the Home Army route. It may require reconstruction of some overpasses, but there is a less expensive option: bypassing the entire interchange from the west along the bank of the Vistula River.

The expert study will cover several key issues, such as the choice of route through the new housing estates in Warsaw's northern Stare Świdry district, the construction of an additional route to the Warszawa Żerań railway stop in Białęka, and a loop for streetcars and buses with interchange parking at Familijna. Technical expertise will be required to verify how the existing bridge over the Żerań Canal can be used. According to studies, the tram is listed as the main form of public transport in the area.


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