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Wêgliniec railway station is open to travellers: What changes has it undergone in the course of reconstruction?

Wêgliniec railway station is open to travellers: What changes has it undergone in the course of reconstruction?
photo: PKP Polskie Koleje Państwowe/Wegliniec railway station is open to travellers: What changes has it undergone in the course of reconstruction?
03 / 09 / 2022

A brick facade rich in detail, a spacious waiting room with a special children's zone, a cosy cinema room and exhibition space - this and much more awaits travellers visiting the station in Wêgliniec. On August 29, it was opened after reconstruction.

The investment carried out as part of the Station Investment Programme 2016-2023 with European Union funding from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment and own funds, took just over a year and a half. During this time, one of the most complex projects in the current programme was completed. It covered the buildings of the so-called Old and New Railway Station, part of the footbridge over the tracks and the shelters adjacent to the stations. Thanks to it, the so-called New Station, which dates back to 1865, has regained its historical splendour. The brick façade, richly detailed, has undergone a comprehensive renovation. It features floral patterns, Corinthian-style columns and animal figures, including eagles. Clocks have been reproduced in the gable ends of the façade. Also of note are the graphite cast-iron columns with decorative capitals, on which the shelter with skylights adjacent to the station is based. The overall effect is emphasised at night by the new illumination of the building.

The interior of the station is just as magnificent. The passenger service area is located on the ground floor in the western part of the building in the former 3rd and 4th class waiting room. Travellers will find a spacious, bright waiting room with lighting reminiscent of the station's historic character. It is equipped with benches, display cabinets for timetables and electronic boards for train arrivals and departures. Also new is a special children's area behind a glass display case. The passenger service area will not lack toilets and a small rental unit. The eastern part of the building is equally interesting. In the former 1st and 2nd class waiting room, there is now an intimate cinema room and an exhibition area. It also houses a railway security guard station.

PKP Polskie Koleje Państwowe

"Thanks to the cooperation of the railway companies, a magnificent result has been achieved in the form of a modernised station complex in Węglińc. I am convinced that this historic station, dating back to the 19th century, will serve travellers perfectly and meet all their expectations. Thanks to the cultural zone run by the local government, it will also become a meeting place for the inhabitants," says Maciej Małecki, Secretary of State at the Ministry of State Assets.

"The opening of the station in Węgliniec is another element of the grand modernisation of the Polish railway. The inhabitants of another town with rich railway traditions will thus gain access to safe and comfortable railway infrastructure. I hope that the modernised historic station building will become a showpiece for Węgliniec, the centre of the local community, and will make it easier for passengers to travel by rail in the Lower Silesian region. All this is thanks to the Station Investment Programme, under which the Polish government will allocate more than PLN 2 billion for the modernisation of nearly 200 railway stations by 2023," says Andrzej Bittel, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

"The Węgliniec station complex after reconstruction is not only a magnificent historical building. It is also a comfortable, safe, environmentally-friendly railway station that meets modern standards of passenger service, as well as a space where travellers and residents will find, run by the local government, a cinema and exhibition hall. In realising this investment, it is also important to emphasise the cooperation and coordination of works with PKP PLK S.A., thanks to which it was possible to achieve such a fantastic final effect," comments Ireneusz Maślany, member of the management board of PKP S.A.

Thanks to the investment, the station has become disabled-friendly and safe. Architectural barriers have been removed, and several new solutions have been introduced to make it easier for this group of travellers to use them. These include Braille signage, tactile boards with the station plan and guided paths. Security in the building and its immediate surroundings has been improved. State-of-the-art monitoring, access control and burglary and assault alarm systems have been installed, as well as fire alarms.

The station is also more environmentally friendly. Thanks to the window and door joinery, which has been restored to resemble the historical ones, and the insulation on the inside, it has become less energy-intensive. In addition, energy-efficient lighting and heat pumps have been installed. The intelligent building management system (BMS), which monitors the operation of equipment and installations, also contributes to the heating, electricity and water consumption.

In addition to the building of the so-called New Station, the Old Station, built in 1846, underwent reconstruction. Its appearance is reminiscent of a castle with two symmetrical towers, each 18.6 metres high. The façade of the building has been renovated, with some architectural details, including rustication and cornices, restored. Attention is also drawn to the clock, as well as the small loggia based on stylish columns with a balustrade with floral motifs. The interior of the former station was adapted for offices for railway companies.

The redevelopment of the station complex in Wegliniec also included a small historic former goods office building, which became a bicycle stand with stands and a bicycle washing station. The investment also included correcting the entrance to the footbridge over the tracks running towards the town, which can be accessed by a lift. Elements of small architecture were also located in the vicinity of the station.

Collaboration with PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. was vital in the investment implementation. Among other things, the infrastructure manager carried out work related to the design and construction of a ramp from the footbridge towards Kolejowa Street, and the platform edges adjacent to the Węgliniec station building. Owing to these measures, the station complex is fully adapted to serve people with disabilities. In addition, PKP PLK S.A. also carried out the reconstruction of the remaining platforms at Węgliniec station and their technical infrastructure.

The rebuilding of the station complex in Węgliniec is the 17th completed rebuilding of a station in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship as part of the Station Investment Programme 2016-2023, with a total investment cost of just over PLN 41 million gross. The investor was Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. and, in the part concerning the platform shelters, the correction of the entrance to the footbridge and the lift, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.. The contractor for the construction works was Berger Bau Polska Sp. z o.o. from Wrocław and the project for the reconstruction of the station complex was developed by TPF Sp. z o. o. from Warsaw, while the investor's supervision was performed by SAFAGE SAS from Warsaw.


Source: PKP Polskie Koleje Państwowe Press Releases