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Vorarlberg on Track: The Modernization of ÖBB Klaus Stop

Vorarlberg on Track: The Modernization of ÖBB Klaus Stop
photo: Ostertag Architects / ÖBB/Vorarlberg on Track: The Modernization of ÖBB Klaus Stop
06 / 10 / 2023

Traveling by train has become increasingly popular. In Vorarlberg, a growing number of people are choosing this environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, firmly positioning Vorarlberg as a “railway region”. Train stations and stops are pivotal; they often provide the first impression for public transport users. As crucial hubs, they facilitate smooth transfers between buses, trains, bicycles, and other means of transport, championing sustainable and eco-friendly mobility. In line with this vision, the ÖBB Klaus stop will undergo a transformation. By the end of 2025, in collaboration with ÖBB-Infrastructure AG, the state of Vorarlberg, and the local municipality, it will be revamped into a modern, accessible mobility hub, boasting a sleek design and enhanced user comfort.

Main Construction Work Gets the Green Light

The preliminary work for the renovation of the ÖBB Klaus stop commenced in spring 2023. This phase included various preparatory tasks and the construction of a new technical building to support the station. Today's groundbreaking ceremony, attended by State Councilor Daniel Zadra, ÖBB Infrastructure Board member Judith Engel, and Mayor Simon Morscher, officially signaled the start of the major construction work.

Daniel Zadra, State Councilor for Mobility, Energy, Climate Protection, and Nature Conservation, remarked, “Approximately 2,400 people use the Klaus stop daily, and this number is increasing. This is due to Klaus emerging as a key operational hub and its position as a nexus in local public transport and Vorarlberg's rapid cycle connections. The strategic timing of the current renovations allows for the simultaneous construction of a vital cycle underpass beneath the railway. This approach minimizes disruptions from construction and sets the stage for the mobility of the future. Furthermore, the updates will enhance accessibility at the station and bolster safety for all users.”

Judith Engel, CEO of ÖBB-Infrastructure AG, shared, “As Austria’s leading mobility provider, our mission is to offer all customers a comfortable and eco-friendly train experience. With rail being one of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation, a modern and accessible infrastructure like the one planned for the Klaus stop, is crucial. This will enable us to enhance our services and attract more individuals in Vorarlberg to the benefits of sustainable rail transport.”

Simon Morscher, Mayor of Klaus, said, “The reconstruction of the Klaus train station is a significant leap toward creating a central mobility hub in our region. This initiative will not only boost our community's connectivity to the broader rail network but will also champion sustainable transportation within Klaus and beyond. This green linkage will cater not just to daily commuters but will also enrich the life quality of our entire community. We are excited to be part of this pioneering project that promises a more interconnected and sustainable future for all. This station will serve as a nexus for individuals, the economy, and the environment, symbolizing an investment in a brighter future for everyone.”

Source: ÖBB