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Vilnius Is to Receive Modern Fleet of Škoda Trolleybuses in Environmental Push

Vilnius Is to Receive Modern Fleet of Škoda Trolleybuses in Environmental Push
photo: Škoda Group / Public Domain/Škoda 32 Tr trolleybuses
03 / 06 / 2024

The streets of Vilnius are soon to be upgraded with the latest Škoda 32 Tr trolleybuses, as part of an ambitious push to enhance the city's public transportation system.

Škoda Group has announced that the first batch of these modern trolleybuses is scheduled to arrive in June, with a total of 20 vehicles expected to be operational by the end of August. The contract includes 91 trolleybuses, valued at over EUR 52 million in total, aligning with Vilnius's strategy to adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly transport solutions.

Before delivery, each trolleybus is put through extensive testing to ensure the vehicles meet the highest standards of reliability and performanceEach trolleybus has undergone approximately 2,500 kilometers of testing on the streets of Pilsen to validate its safety features and operational efficiency. These trolleybuses are equipped with advanced technology such as traction batteries allowing for at least 20 kilometers of autonomous driving, state-of-the-art camera systems for improved traffic monitoring, and the innovative "Mirror Eye" system which replaces traditional external side mirrors to enhance passenger and pedestrian safety.

Radek Svoboda, CEO of Škoda Electric, expressed satisfaction with the progress of the project, noting that the representatives from Vilnius had personally tested the new vehicles to ensure they met the city’s public transport needs. "We value our long-standing partnership with VVT and look forward to the positive impact these modern trolleybuses will have on public transport in Vilnius," said Svoboda. The new fleet will bolster the comfort and convenience of commuters and contribute significantly to Vilnius’s environmental goals by reducing urban pollution and improving overall air quality.


Source: Škoda Group, Sustainable Bus