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Vienna to Eisenstadt: New Night Train Service Launched

Vienna to Eisenstadt: New Night Train Service Launched
photo: YMiller / ÖBB/ÖBB Cityjet
11 / 06 / 2024

Over the weekend, a new nightly train service connecting Vienna Central Station to Eisenstadt was officially launched during the “EISENSTADT IN WEISS” event.

This service allows passengers to travel between Vienna Central Station and Eisenstadt every night, improving upon the previous schedule that excluded Saturday nights. The REX64 train leaves Vienna at 11:18 PM and arrives in Eisenstadt at 12:27 AM, with a stop in Neusiedl am See. It returns from Eisenstadt at 4:30 AM, reaching Vienna by 5:42 AM.

Source: YMiller / ÖBB

The addition of this night train is part of ÖBB’s effort to expand public transport and offer more environmentally friendly travel options. The launch was celebrated with a special event in Eisenstadt, where attendees could win train and event tickets, making it a fun and memorable start for the new service. Istvan Deli, Deputy Mayor of Eisenstadt, praised the new train for enhancing regional mobility and providing a convenient travel option for residents and visitors alike.