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VIDEO: Flexy introduces the 9-seat half-train, half-car!

VIDEO: Flexy introduces the 9-seat half-train, half-car!
photo: SNCF press materials/VIDEO: Flexy introduces the 9-seat half-train, half-car!
23 / 04 / 2022

To offer solutions tailored to SNCF's less-visited lines not served by trains, Flexy has developed a shuttle that can travel both by rail and road.

"Capable of running on both rail and road, the ultra-light Flexy shuttle will be aimed primarily at small, closed rail lines. Those whose length varies between 10 and 30 km and which offer too little traffic potential to justify a pure rail service," explains the SNCF.

Soruce: Youtube/SNCF

Trials on a pilot line in the region are to be conducted in 2024. Each Flexy shuttle will be able to carry up to 9 passengers and travel at 60 kilometres per hour on rails. It will be able to use abandoned SNCF tracks and will even be able to drive on roads. The goal is to bring it closer to users' homes. This dual-use is especially interesting for the most isolated areas, where the car is often currently the only way to get around. In addition to the obvious benefits, the train will be equipped with energy batteries to reduce CO2 emissions.

"By reducing financial costs and CO2 emissions, while guaranteeing a high level of service, comfort and regularity, the light train will enable the Regions, which are the transport organizing authorities, to ensure the future of small lines and to strengthen the mobility offer for the territories," comments the SNCF.