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Vacations with PKP Intercity: An average of more than 200,000 travelers each day

Vacations with PKP Intercity: An average of more than 200,000 travelers each day
photo: PKP Intercity/Vacations with PKP Intercity: An average of more than 200,000 travelers each day
19 / 09 / 2022

This year's vacations were an intensive period for PKP Intercity. Extensive changes in offerings and amenities for travelers were introduced, which resulted in successive attendance records. From the beginning of June to the end of August 2022, 18.5 million travelers used the carrier's services, which is more than 6 million more compared to last year's summer season.

The introduction of a dynamic sales system in economic categories at the beginning of May resulted in a significant increase in interest in PKP Intercity's freight services. The functioning of the Promo offer, with systematic investment in modern rolling stock, contributed to greater interest in weekday travel and an increase in average train attendance. The effects of the introduced offer were already evident in May, which belonged to the first month this year with record transport results when more than 5.26 million people traveled with PKP Intercity.

The following months saw a continuation of the upward trend in train attendance: in June, nearly 5.5 million travelers traveled with PKP Intercity, while in July, nearly 6.5 million. In August, even more people used the carrier's services - more than 6.5 million. Thus, August 2022 became the month with the highest attendance in PKP Intercity's history.

This year's 18.5 million passengers is 49% more than in the same period last year when nearly 12.4 million people chose to travel with PKP Intercity. It's also a significant increase (30%) over June-August 2019 - the last vacation before the pandemic restrictions. Then more than 14.1 million passengers used the carrier's services.

Infographics / PKP Intercity

From the beginning of the year to the end of August, more than 38.6 million people traveled on PKP Intercity trains. That's almost 17 million more (78%) than at the same time last year - then, after eight months, there were more than 21.6 million passengers. It is also 18% better than in the same period of the record-breaking year so far in 2019 when PKP Intercity boasted 32.7 million travelers after August.

"Thanks to great investments in modern rolling stock and improved travel comfort, the railroad has seen a steady increase in passenger numbers. The holiday results show that it is becoming the primary means of transportation for an increasing number of Poles. It pleases us all the more because rail is the most environmentally friendly means of public transportation. Our efforts are aimed at making it as accessible as possible. That's why PKP Intercity is expanding its network of connections so that more Poles, including residents of smaller cities and towns, can use its services. I am convinced that during the next vacation, even more Poles will go on vacation with the national carrier. Seeing this great interest, we are striving all the harder to achieve the goal of a railroad that is safe, comfortable, predictable, accessible, and environmentally friendly," says Andrzej Bittel, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Infrastructure.   

Record interest occurred around long weekends. First, the carrier broke the daily record on June 19, when it carried 247,000 passengers. However, on August 12, PKP Intercity already boasted an even higher result. On that day, its trainsets carried 251 thousand people.

As usual, trips to the Polish seaside were the most popular, especially between Warsaw and the Tri-City.

Infographics / PKP Intercity

The high popularity of the new offer

At the beginning of July, PKP Intercity introduced a new offer - Taniej z Bliskimi (Cheap with Relatives). The offer, aimed at families and small groups, is available in IC and TLK categories - thanks to it, even two people traveling together can purchase tickets at 30% cheaper. Passengers entitled to statutory discounts can also take advantage of the promotion by combining the offer with a discount.

Taniej z Bliskimi has proven to be a competitive and attractive offer. Its first two months of operation - July, and August - brought 702,000 tickets sold. Thanks to them, nearly 1.8 million travelers enjoyed cheaper travel.

We aim to make travel with PKP Intercity even more accessible, both in terms of the range of connections and ticket prices. The Cheap with the Blind offer was a response to the needs of customers who want to travel around Poland. Thanks to its introduction, rail travel for several people became cost-competitive with car travel. We are pleased that Poles liked our offer and used it in large numbers. The possibility of cheaper travel significantly contributed to the record result," says Marek Chraniuk, CEO of PKP Intercity.

Infographics / PKP Intercity

Buying train tickets is becoming easier - at the end of May and the beginning of June, PKP Intercity tickets appeared in the mPay application and e-podróż This is the result of cooperation undertaken under a new agency sales model. PKP Intercity's offer available on external platforms is part of the Company's strategy to simplify and streamline the passenger service process by introducing digital solutions. From now on, ticket purchasing options are even more intuitive, faster, and simpler - thus meeting the requirements of travelers. This solution has also been positively received. By mid-August, 200,000 tickets had been sold in the mPay and e-traveler applications.

Twice as many additional train cars as before the pandemic

The holiday schedule allowed commuters to travel to the most popular resorts and tourist destinations. An average of 436 trains took to the tracks daily, 11 more connections than in the last year before the pandemic. PKP Intercity launched seasonal connections, allowing travelers to reach Poles' favorite tourist destinations. Travelers could choose from 414 cities and towns where the carrier's trains stopped.

Throughout the vacations, PKP Intercity analysts monitored attendance and interest in the rides in question. It allowed reinforcing the trainsets with extra cars on the most popular routes - wherever possible. To provide as many extra seats as possible, 2794 trains were reinforced with 4542 cars. It is about twice as many as during the 2019 vacation when 2283 additional cars were added to 1370 trainsets. During the long weekends in June and August, when interest in travel reached its zenith, the carrier also launched additional trains.

Infographics / PKP Intercity

From September, more trains with Zones of Silence

PKP Intercity is introducing more amenities for travelers. Since September 4, as part of the pilot, Zones of Silence have been in operation on IC category trains, which are operated by electric multiple units. In the popular PesaDARTs and Flirts, zones have been set aside for those who prefer to travel in silence, so they can work, study or read during the route. Undesirable here include talking on the phone, listening loudly to music, or using ringtones and sounds on electronic devices. The Quiet Zones have proven themselves on Pendolino trains for several years, enjoying unflagging popularity - more than 3 million passengers have used them since April 2016. The Quiet Zones introduction on selected IC category trains is a way to meet travelers' expectations. The amenity was proposed as part of a form launched this year. With its help, PKP Intercity wants to learn about the ideas and insights of rail enthusiasts, but anyone interested in railroads can submit their initiative.


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases