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Two vehicles made by Newag from PLN 668 million contract with SKM arrive to Warsaw

Two vehicles made by Newag from PLN 668 million contract with SKM arrive to Warsaw
photo: vehicles made by Newag from PLN 668 million contract with SKM arrive to Warsaw
15 / 02 / 2022

Two new Impuls 2 vehicles are being tested by SKM (Szybka Kolej Miejska) in Warsaw and have to travel 600 kilometers without fault to ensure the safe transport of its passengers. Trains delivered in January 2021 traveled on the S3 line connecting Warsaw West (platform 9) with Wieliszew.

“New trains will be sent to the current routes of SKM in order to increase the number of seats and the comfort of passengers. We will also use them to extend the SKM network, as soon as the reconstruction of the railway infrastructure allows it, we want to direct trains to Piaseczno,” Katarzyna Strzegowska, the director of Warsaw Public Transport Authority said.

The tests were carried out on the Warsaw Railway Junction to obtain technical acceptance. Test drives are not used just to test only the train itself but also to train new drivers for certification which includes 36 hours under the supervision of an instructor. Trials are checking the functioning of the vehicle itself and also the operation of on-board devices, such as ticket machines and passenger information systems. Test runs were placed at the scheduled speed and the train stopped at all stops. First passengers will be taken on the S2 route, connecting Sulejówek with the Warsaw Chopin Airport.

All 21 ordered trains should be delivered by the end of November 2022. Two more machines will arrive in mid-February and another two in March. The value of the contract with Newag is nearly PLN 668 million gross, from which almost PLN 203 million came from the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment for 2014-2020. The contract also includes employee training in the field of train service and sever-year servicing.

The 21 trains include 15 five-section and 6 four-section vehicles that can be joined together in the so-called tandems and thus making it more flexible for use in peak times. Wi-Fi, USB chargers, bicycle areas, a pram, large luggage, a modern information system, ticket machines, and even AED defibrillators will be all a part of on-board equipment.


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