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Tunnel of Love: Where Wishes Come True and Photographers Delight

Tunnel of Love: Where Wishes Come True and Photographers Delight
photo: Rose Wang / Flickr/Klevan tunnel
01 / 01 / 2024

According to local legend, couples who are sincere in their love will see their dreams come true after visiting the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine, a destination that attracts travelers and photographers from around the world.

The railway is situated in the small western Ukrainian town of Klevan, 500 kilometers from the Slovak border. What makes this industrial tunnel so captivating? It is enveloped in lush greenery. Despite its magical, fairy-tale-like appearance, it's important to remember that this is still an active railway. Trains run three times a day, transporting wood to the local Odek factory in the village of Orzhiv.

The tunnel begins just a few hundred meters from the fiberboard factory. Railway employees, accustomed to enthusiasts, have adjusted the train's speed, significantly slowing down as it passes through the tunnel.

Mohammad Shahid / Flickr

There have been several accidents over the years, where curious tourists were caught off-guard by the train traversing the tunnel. Years ago, the factory faced heavy criticism and protests for cutting down some trees to allow the train to pass. Since then, the factory has not touched a single tree.

The first hundred meters of the track appear completely normal. Only later do the trees emerge, cloaking the railway line with a green canopy. During World War II, a military base near the tunnel was connected by this line. The tree tunnel served to conceal the transport of military equipment.

Yurij Garmash / Flickr

Today, the railway line offers a romantic stroll for couples and singles alike, providing a picturesque setting for photography. The most stunning scenes with fresh greenery are seen in spring and summer. However, autumn leaves and snowfall also create beautiful landscapes.

A similar botanical tunnel can be found in western Romania. This one, however, is part of an abandoned railway line. It's a romantic, almost magical place, with dappled light filtering through the trees. Despite its official European recognition, it remains relatively unknown to the public.

This non-electrified railway opened in 1908. After it ceased operation, nature reclaimed the area, with trees and bushes gradually reviving. They grew skyward until they formed a tunnel that enveloped the old metal tracks.